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Sea Monster / Kansas Creme Limestone / 18 x 23 x 19″

This Carving is Currently Displayed at THE KMJ, Aspen, Colorado

Inspiration for Sea Monster sprang from the elaborate and highly ornate Victorian bronze street lamps that illuminate long stretches of London’s River Thames Embankment. From a very young age the presence of these monstrous beasts, strewn in impressive numbers along the imposing banks of the famous River Thames, made a great impression on me, and I was always very keen to reacquaint myself with them whenever I found myself in the capitol. My interest was further heightened when years later I realized that Frome, the small town where Kris and I were living, deep in the heart of rural Somerset, was in fact the very place that produced not only these fantastic river’s edge streetlamps, but a great deal of the rest of the amazing bronze work I had often found myself admiring across the breadth of Central London.

Sea Monster lends itself very well as a sun dial (keeps excellent time!), bird feeder, etc, but is flexible to a variety of adaptations; including planters, candles, ice-cold frosty glasses and such. And as with all Kansas Crème limestone carvings, Sea Monster will evolve to grow a natural patina, along with a glowing amber hue.


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Sea Monster / Kansas Creme Limestone / 18 x 23 x 19″


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