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Boogieman / Winterset Limestone / $800

This Carving is Available For Purchase at The KMJ Cooney Studio Gallery, Aspen, Colorado

So many years have now passed since the moment I decided, upon a whim, to carve this whimsical tribute to the long gone generation of jazz giants.  At the time I hosted a regular spot on Aspen Public Radio; “The Wednesday Night Jazz Detour”, and as you can imagine, I was listening to a lot of jazz.   During the three hour slot I would occasionally slip in the odd tidbit of background information regarding the artists whose music was being broadcast that night.  So not only did I get to enjoy the fabulous radio station sound system, and talk on the phone to the many listeners who would call the show, but I learned an awful lot about music so very familiar to me, that I had grown up hearing. Just how many of them died of cigarette and alcohol poisoning is a worrying thought to mull over.   Many of them, the great and not so great, took practically their every breath deep within the confines of some dimly lit smoke filled room or another.   Add the endless traveling and it is quite easy to tally up the quota of suffering that a great many of our jazz gods must have endured.   Not too many family men amongst the ranks it must be noted.   But after all is said and done, I doubt if any of these men would have had it any other way – they were free – their audience, not so.


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Boogieman / Winterset Limestone / $800


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