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Gemsbok Drift by MARTIN COONEY

Kansas Creme Limestone / 25 x 3 x 19 inch / 60 lbs

Gemsbok Drift pictured soon after her carving.

Gemsbok Drift pictured soon after her carving.

I actually carved this piece several years ago, 2004 to be precise, and in the intervening years Mother Nature has has lent her hand to it in the form of a lovely golden patina.


Gembok Drift has grazed many a pasture in the Rocky Mountain English Country Garden down the years but this is the spot where she has spent the majority of her time.

In creating the silhouette I utilized elements on the stone’s surface to accentuate the curves of the beast. And all the while I was carving it I was thinking of those fabulous ancient cave paintings in France and various parts of the  world… wondering in turn just what sort of world my own ‘stone painting’ would look out on down the ages, and just what the people who came across it would think it was.


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