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The Demure One

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The Demure One / The Maiden Collection / Colorado Yule Marble

24.5 x 10.25 x 12” / SN120303 / Sold

The Demure One, Colorado Yule Marble, The Maiden Collection by Martin Cooney at

Within The Maiden Collection’s 41 sculptures there are a handful that assume a deep significance as they, in one way or another, played the role of game changer as the giant slab of Colorado Yule Marble slowly gave up its secrets.  The Demure One came along fairly early in the carving process and the experience I gained from tackling this formidable block of marble served me well in the coming months.  What struck me about this block was the extreme contrast that manifested itself in such a pure white vein running its entire length, and the brutally tough granite that lay just inches below the surface.   The grayish mass of granite (cooled magma) that runs through her made for heavy and slow going.  The shape?   It is quite extraordinary.  Well that came along and developed as I carved.  At this early stage of The Maiden Collection I was engrossed by the curious liquid energy  imbued into the marble courtesy of its amazing intrusions – or markings.  Consequently Waves and Bowls were to steer my course throughout the 41 piece Maiden Collection, but once I had completed The Demure One I instantly recognized that I had reached a turning point from which I could now continue to build upon until every last piece of the 10 ton slab of stone was gone.  Up until the point that Demure One sold, she shared a platform with Things One and Two under the banner “Wave Power – so strong and powerful was their combined wave effect that I thought they illustrated this illusive wave power energy, dormant for 30 million years, deep within the ten ton slab, tells much regarding the tumultuous geological history of Colorado’s State Rock.


The Demure One Home

Home Page

Colorado Yule Marble Sculpture by Martin Cooney


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