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Dharma Wheel Meditation Panel by MARTIN COONEY

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Kansas Creme Limestone / 12 x 4 x 12 inch / 28 lbs / $198

For sales information please contact martincooneysales@gmail.com

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Good for Indoors...

Dharma Wheel @ martincooney.com


This bold  bas relief carries my trademark deeper than deep cut and makes its presence felt no matter where you display it.

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Lay it on it’s back, place it under water, or stand it up, there is practically no limit to where this durable, solid and well balanced meditation panel may be displayed.

Dharma Wheel, Kansas Creme Limestone.

Dharma Wheel, Kansas Creme Limestone.

So easy to move around I’m sure you’ll find no difficulty in discovering new places to display the ancient symbol of peace and meditation in and around your world.

Under water.

Under water.

Under Ice

Under Ice

Anywhere you want to put it.

Anywhere you wish to put it.