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Introducing my first Solar Fountain!

Solar Frog Fountain basking in the sun

Solar Frog Fountain basking in the sun


Its been quite some time since my last entry on but I have actually been quite busy during the intervening period as you will hopefully discover over the next few days and weeks as I scramble to get caught up and post the various projects as time allows.

I will say this though (in my defense), summer in the Roaring Fork Valley is quite an extraordinary time of the year and the thought of spending time indoors when the weather is just so darn perfect outside of them is just, well, crazy!

However, as July drifts into August, and the backlog of finished work continues to build, I will make a strenuous effort to force myself in front of the computer so as to get caught up and let anyone who is interested see just what I have been up to: beginning with… The Solar Frog Fountain.

Look, no wires! (or tubes)

Look, no wires! (or tubes)

As the name implies “Ol’ Froggy” is powered by the sun thanks to the solar panel  incised into his back. His pump lies ensconced in a subterranean chamber under his ‘rock’, meaning of course there are no visible wires or tubes to distract from his cute little self. But best of all (I think) is that he is totally interactive with the available sunlight (as the video below will hopefully illustrate) creating a playful character that suits his rather impish demeanor.

Click Here to watch The Solar Frog Video

Don’t forget that this ‘technology’ may be applied to just about any design – so if you have a solar fountain in mind please contact me with your idea and I’ll be only to happy to run it through the mill and come up with the cost (I just love commissions!)

Froggy's little secret is discretely in recessed into his back.

Froggy’s little secret is discretely in recessed into his back.

But if you’ve found yourself smitten with this particular little froggy it can be yours for the incredibly decent price of just $1795!

Thank you.

"I'd love to live in your garden or picture window"

“I’d love to live in your garden or picture window”

I’ll be back soon with another post, but right now I am needed in my workshop.

All the best,


Solar Frog Fountain

Kansas Creme Limestone / 24″ x 18″ x 20″ high / Weight: heavy but I can lift it / $1,795 studio sale only

(not available until the thaw)

For sales information please contact

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