Climber at Rest Fountain

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Climber at Rest / Winterset Limestone / $1,750 including bowl and water pump / studio sale only

Fountain: 11 x 5 x 23 inch Basin: 24 x 14 x 8″

For sales information please contact

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As amply demonstrated by the slideshow above this particular climber has proven to be one tough cookie!

The Climber @

Although I wouldn’t exactly recommend exposing her to such extreme conditions I don’t think she has much left to prove in the ‘One Tough Mother’ department. The icicles in the pictures are a result of Colorado’s unpredictable spring weather when one slight miscalculation caused her to greet the morning enshrined in a robe of ice.

Winterset Limestone Fountain CIMG8768

So unless you live in an area where the weather is a tad more predictable than here in the Rockies I suggest you find a home for our plucky lass somewhere indoors where her pleasant splishing and splashing provides a lovely relaxing backdrop to your day.

The Climber, Winterset Limestone Fountain CIMG8422

The Fountain is completely self-contained and  requires only a regular household plug. The pump is hidden in the rear at the base of the sculpture and can be easily adjusted in order to regulate the amount of water trickling over her right foot.

Winterset Limestone Fountain CIMG8421

The basin was made in Vietnam and although it has been treated with several coats of invisible penetrating sealant I do not recommend standing the fountain on a wooden or delicate surface unless a waterproof tray is used, as a certain amount of moisture buildup is quite inevitable and unavoidable. However, we are only talking about very small amounts, droplets, of water that tend to evaporate… merely adding to the humidifying effect that any good fountain brings to a room.

Thoughts ideas questions suggestions concerns requests and opinions here please, if you will?

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