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Elefountain / Winterset Limestone / Fountain: 17 x 5 x 24″ Base: 12 x 10 x 2″ / $2,900

This Carving is Available For Purchase at The KMJ Cooney Studio Gallery, Aspen, Colorado

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I have always maintained something of a fascination for the appearance of water rushing over the surface of stone. It doesn’t matter whether the stone is in the natural form – in nature, as in a riverbed, or the stone that I carve myself. As with Bird Mountain Fountain the challenge in carving Elefountain was in keeping the water from surging over the surface of the stone and splashing into the water below, and as with Bird Mountain I was able to keep just the right amount of tension within the film of water to ensure the water runs smoothly over the entire surface of the carving – in this case the elephant’s face and trunk.

The fountain actually employs two pumps – one for the face and trunk, and one for the spout. Thus just the right amount of pressure was attained for both purposes. Although the fountain may look as though it is carved ‘in the round’ when seen from the front the sculpture actually employs traditional bas relief techniques to portray a sense of depth and create a full three dimensional aspect, even when viewed from an angle.

Although by no means a loud fountain the combination of the two water flows ensure that Elefountain creates a lovely refreshing splish-splashing that serves to mask the ambient noise created by urban living. And with two separate waterfalls to fine tune the options are practically endless as the two flows serve to complement, even as they compete with one another for attention.


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Elefountain / Winterset Limestone / Fountain: 17 x 5 x 24″ Base: 12 x 10 x 2″


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