Lucian Logic: Regarding The Life of a Stone Sculptor

Re: The Life of a Stone Sculptor

“No more than a workman, doing hard physical labor… obscure, earning a small wage, a man of low esteem, classed as worthless by public opinion, neither courted by friends, feared by enemies, nor envied by fellow citizens, but just a common workman, a craftsman, a face in the crowd, one who makes his living with his hands.”

Lucian (AD120-200)


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“…for it does not necessarily follow that, if a work is delightful because of its gracefulness, the man who made it is worthy of our serious regard.”

Plutarch (AD46-120)


Some things never change

or so it would ofttimes appear

I came across these little nuggets of wisdom while inching my way through ‘The Visual Arts: A History’, first published by Simon and Shuster in 1982, an ambitious but nonetheless extremely engaging book.   It was written by Hugh Honour and John Flemming’, with further editions in 1986 and 1992.   The book is monumental in scope, and crammed with detailed, and insightful, information:     The Visual History of Art.  Highly a highly recommended read, and one that ultimately lead to the development of my Marble Masque Series of Marble Collection Sculpture, after learning of Picasso’s own, pioneering, African Mask period. Reading about his growing obsession with the highly original, supremely expressive, traditionally wooden, ceremonial dance masks whipped up a frenzy of my own, and pretty soon I found myself exploring the possibility with Mystique Mask, then Industrial Evolution, and ultimately the cutting-edge Cosmic Twins; Girl in the Moon, and Salt of the Earth.




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