Green Man Solar Fountain

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 Green Man Solar Fountain

Winterset Limestone / 32 x 18 x 24″

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Green Man Solar Fountain @

Watch the Green Man Solar Fountain Video

I carved Green Man well over year before his recent move into new digs. I had always intended that he would grow into a fine water feature one day, and that day came a week or two ago when he finally made the transition to a fully self-contained solar powered fountain.

Sculpture Garden

For quite a time, immediately after I carved him he whiled away his days in the shallows of the Sculpture Garden’s Woody Water.

Green Man, The Sculpture Garden @

After which he weathered a long Rocky Mountain winter, by which time his patina was already gathering a momentum of its own.

Green Man Solar Fountain @

But in preparation for his upcoming new role as a Solar Fountain he was treated to an extended facial deep within the cool confines of the Arbor.

Green Man Solar Fountain @

Mud, manure, yogurt, moss… you name it, Green Man got it, including a thatch of grassy hair.

Green Man Solar Fountain @

As with all the solar fountains Green Man interacts with whatever sunlight is available, with a stream forceful enough to travel the length of his trough, to the mearest little spit of water delivered with a comic sense of timing that never ceases to amuse onlookers.

Green Man Solar Fountain

Not only is Green Man fully water self-sufficient but a recess cut into his back accommodates his solar panel, so there are absolutely no wires or tubes to worry about as he is fully self contained and as long as he has the sun at his back is perfectly happy wherever he may find himself positioned.

Green Man Solar Fountain @

Click Here, watch the video and see him at work for yourself.

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