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On The Cusp

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On The Cusp / 1314 Winter Collection / Colorado Yule Marble

26.5 x 12.5 x 8.25” / 39.4 lbs / SN131102 / $2,850

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Free Shipping Available to Most Mid and Large Cities Within (Lower 48) Continental USA'On The Cusp', 1314 Winter Collection, Colorado Ylule Marble Sculpture by MARTIN COONEY
Well over a year had elapsed since I put the finishing touches to the final Maiden Collection Hand Carved Marble Bowl, Work in Progress,   and I was chomping at the bit to fashion another bowl.    I derive an immense amount of pleasure and satisfaction  from the process of releasing a large Curvilinear bowl from the iron grip of an uncompromising block of marble.    Even I find it strange to think that these unlikely looking blocks already contain the entire finished sculpture within.   Exactly how I set about ‘freeing’ them is an intricate and involved process,  and one that demands not a little effort on my part,    but all the hard work and endurance proves eminently prove worthwhile once a brand new bowl slowly begins to emerge before my eyes.   The name of this bowl by the way refers to a rather dramatic intervention by Mabel, The Spirit of the Stone   in the form of the large dip along one side of the rim. Strange thing is, I now find it quite impossible to imagine this large, robust, indoor/outdoor Hand Carved Marble Bowl without it. Such is the nature of my Direct Method Collection Series Curvilinear Marble Sculpture.


On The Cusp

Home Page

Colorado Yule Marble Sculpture by Martin Cooney


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