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Maypole / 1314 Winter Collection / Colorado Yule Marble

14 x 8 x 57.5″ / SN131203 / One Man Lift / Sold

First Pictures of Maypole atop New Plinth, 15 September 2017 Aspen Colorado

When the time came to carve the block that would become ‘Maypole’,   the 4th sculpture of the 1314 Winter Collection,   I  had enjoyed ample time during which to familiarize myself with its form and innate characteristics.    I had already split this piece from a large  block of Colorado Yule Marble, and while the one side broke into several pieces,   the remainder sheared off in such a manner that I instantly knew the lovely long sliver of stone would serve very nicely as the first of the  ‘Ribbons of Light’;   curvilinear reductionist standing stones,   or stelae,    carved in a manner so as to allow light to travel through the walls, and in so doing serves to illuminate the sculpture from within.   It’s odd just how often a major decision regarding key and signature features of a sculpture manifest themselves in the final moments prior to the actual carving – and such was the case with ‘Maypole’s’ 180 degree twist.    It was only once I had the block in the workshop, and on my banker,  that my mind turned to marking out a spiral twist.    Gradually the ‘pole’ took shape.   The name ‘Maypole’ struck me as apt as the ancient spring fertility symbol was generally danced around in a twisting winding fashion,   and the implied movement in the pole’s twist seemed to suggest just such merry movement,   as the happy dancers spun round and around the annual May pole.


Carving the Maypole Twist:

It  is entirely due to the dramatic twist that this piece stands so visible from afar, despite the diameter of his waste, for Maypole was carved with solid structural integrity in mind. Those tough, rounded edges run like tracery ribbons around stain glass, with the exact same degree of protection.   And of course I suppose with a name like Maypole I need not emphasize the thorough outdoor nature of this piece.  By contrast, what a sad spectacle he would present indoors. But that’s just my opinion. I’m sure he will settle in just nicely wherever he is placed, as long as he has abundant access to strong, direct light.


Home Page

Colorado Yule Marble Sculpture by Martin Cooney


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