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Inner Strength / 1314 Winter Collection / Colorado Yule Marble

7 x 10 x 47″ One Man Lift / SN140101 / $3,200

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$3,200 Inner Strength 7x10x47", Yule Marble Sculpture by Martin Cooney

Rather than being carved I would say that Inner Strength was jettisoned into the world as a result of my attempts to pry him away from a much larger rough block of Colorado Yule Marble.   At any time during my pounding I full expected him to break into pieces.  In fact, I wasn’t looking or paying attention to ‘him’ – as there was no him about him. That is it was the other side of the equation that held my attention. At this point Inner Strength began as simply a section of marble that I was intent on roughing out. But pound away as I might upon the plug and feather wedges, nothing it seemed would pry these two apart.   Until that is, the other, far larger block, broke into pieces, and I was left staring at the makings of Inner Strength. And so, that is when I realized that I was probably gazing down upon the toughest piece of marble – perhaps even the toughest piece of stone – that I had personally ever encountered. The backbone shape provided all the excuse I needed in order to focus all of my sculpting attention to making this the most formidable sculpture of its kind (a “standing stone”, I call them) that I am ever likely to carve.

Inner Strength, of all my outdoor Marble Standing Stones to date, is perhaps best equipped of all to endure all that a Colorado Rocky Mountain winter storm may hurl at it.  But not just endure – what I mean is that Inner Strength positively embraces the bone-chilling cold and savage wind. Here’s a sculpture not only to inspire strength, but inner strength at that!


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Inner Strength / 1314 Winter Collection / Colorado Yule Marble


Please note: Inner Strength is secured to swivel upon a hole drilled into the underside of its base


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