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Cat Walk

Home Page

Cat Walk / 1314 Winter Collection / Colorado Yule Marble

9 x 14 x 46″ / One Man Lift / SN 140103 / $5,000

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Cat Walk, Marble Sculpture by Martin Cooney

The story of how Cat Walk came to be carved is sufficiently complex that I find it difficult to explain, suffice to say that the process was both physically punishing and emotionally taxing. The reason being that the sculpture you see in these photos was in fact carved from a significantly larger block, resulting in much sweat, enormous effort and more than a few choice expletives!   Originally it had been my intention to carve a piece similar in shape to Cat Walk but more along the lines of a waterfall, but fate intervened in the form of some suspect marble that left me no choice but to cut it out in order to get at the beautiful central core that experience has taught me lays at the heart of all good marble – otherwise the whole block would simply fracture into a mound of useless rubble the moment I laid a hammer on it. However, once I had recovered from the shock and began to unravel the mystery of this most frustrating block of marble I began to see a pattern emerge that soon had me intrigued.  The core not only appeared to be strong and resilient but seemed to suggest a human figure, and the more I explored this theme the stronger the image of a slightly emaciated, tall, broad shouldered, swaggering female fashion model emerged in my mind’s eye.    Before too long I had completely forgotten all thoughts of waterfalls and my task became one of imagining the (overly) confident swagger of the amazing fashionistas we are accustomed to seeing strutting their stuff down the elevated gangplanks of the world’s premier fashion shows.

Just to set the matter straight, while Cat Walk is now conceived as a fashion model, my original intentions upon roughing out this carving was to reflect the actual water within a waterfall. Consequently, although quite at home indoors – as you would expect from a Cat Walk Model, she is, however, equally comfortable strutting her stuff in The Great Outdoors.

Cat Walk

Home Page

Cat Walk / 1314 Winter Collection / Colorado Yule Marble


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