Reversed Equation, Home Page

Reversed Equation

Home Page

Reversed Equation / 1314 Winter Collection / Colorado Yule Marble

10 x 7 x 34” / SN140303 / 69 lbs /  $5,900 

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Reversed Equation, Wolf Man Jack, Maypole, Inner Strength, Yule Marble Sculpture by Martin CooneyReversed Equation represents something of a turning point for me in that the primary focus of attention is deflected away from the marble I carve and onto the space created by its absence.   Attention is also drawn to the interplay of light captured and relayed by the two rounded convex surfaces that serve to radiate whatever light is available, plus the fact that she lends herself perfectly to the indoor/outdoor life.    So easy to pick up and move around,  Reversed Equation serves to showcase whatever background she is set against.    The rough-hewn texture of her exterior surface is created by a process known as ‘pitching’,  whereby the marble is split using the tremendous force of a steel mallet bearing down on a steel wedge that literally wrenches the stone apart along the natural seams and stress-points hidden within the marble.  This process creates a multifaceted surface that captures light from every angle,   shadows shifting as the sun arcs through the sky,   or when the direction and/or intensity of the lighting is altered to the slightest degree.    As with all my Standing Stones Reversed Equation is stabilized via a hole drilled into the underside of the base wherein a steel rod prevents any possibility of tipping even in the strongest gales: typhoons, twisters and the like perhaps proving the exception.

Although Reversed Equation was conceived as ‘light emanating from a flickering candle flame’, and as such serves as primarily an indoor sculpture. Never-the-less she can testify to weathering all that a Colorado Rocky Mountain storm could hurl her way. Season after season, the year-around.

Reversed Equation

Home Page

Colorado Yule Marble Sculpture by Martin Cooney


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