Pilgrim, Home Page


Home Page

Pilgrim / Autumn of 14 Collection / Colorado Yule Marble / Sculpture 4

17 x 12 x 40″ / SN140802 / one-man-lift /  $3,600

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Pilgrim takes his form from the image of a medieval character bent, leaning, into the wind as he or she strides along whichever pilgrimage trail you wish to imagine – for there are lots of them, all over Europe, all over the world in fact.   But as far as this particular Direct Method Curvilinear Reductionist Sculptor is concerned, practically all my experience and knowledge on the subject stem from the various pilgrim trails that criss-cross Europe to this day.  My sculpted pilgrim, the one revealed to me by the rough block,  the one you now see in the photos,  was carved along classic Curvilinear lines; meaning that what you are seeing is comprised of very, very thin marble indeed.   Yet tough and robust enough to survive season after season up here at 7,300 feet in the Rocky Mountains.   So thin is the marble in fact that, in all of these photos, Pilgrim is actually illuminated by the sunlight hitting the far surface,  and thus illuminating the stone.

Despite his mandate to keep within the central plinth area of theColorado Rocky Mountain Sculpture Garden, alias the Birdhaven Studio Sculpture Garden, Woody Creek, Colorado, Pilgrim was apt to be found roaming far and wide, seemingly at will, and always with the same steadfast and  determined stride.

And so, here’s your chance to play Spot the Pilgrim, as he scurries off into the brushwood, and along the various twisting, winding footpaths… to who knows where?

As for my personal inspiration for carving Pilgrim? That would eminate from my experience with Kris and Joseph at various points along The Camino, the ancient pilgrim’s ‘way’, stretching across the entire northern region of Spain.


Home Page

Colorado Yule Marble Sculpture by Martin Cooney


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