Polar Trout, Home Page

Polar Trout

H o m e  P a g e

Polar Trout / Autumn of 14 Collection /Colorado Yule Marble / Sculpture 7

SN141103 / 17 x 6 x 14.5″ / 30.8 lbs lbs / $1,300

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'Polar Trout', Autumn of 14 Collection by Martin Cooney

I first began to harness a notion to carve a leaping trout immediately upon my return from the three day hut trip I took with my son Joseph towards the end of one particularly fine September.   It was while we were first getting our bearings in the dense woodland around Uncle Bud’s cabin, on the first day of our two day hikes,  that we encountered the most startling,  and enchanted little secluded lake.  And all of a sudden: there we were, bathed in silence,  not a breath of wind,  not a sound,  nothing.  The peace and tranquility of the moment was astonishing. Until, that is, the stunning silence was torn asunder by a most spectacular leaping trout. SPLASH!     I enjoyed immensely carving such free-flowing contours.     Polar Trout projects a uniform matte appearance, its surface has been rendered with a  careful top brushing in order to create a luster, as opposed to a lustered shine. I thought it important to leave as much life and vitality in this carving, as befits such a fleeting glimpse as that of a fish out of water.      So, may I present Polar Trout – so named of course for its brilliant white hue.      Whether a valient bid to clear the rushing falls,  or leap to pluck a juicy insect right out of the air – this very lust for life is what ‘Polar Trout’… is all about !

Inspiration for Polar Trout stemmed the magical moment as I hiked with my son Joseph, when a huge specimen leaped from a tranquil mountain pond, and smashed the silence with a stunning, resonant, PLOP.

Polar Trout

Home Page

Colorado Yule Marble Sculpture by Martin Cooney


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