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Troglodyte Cloister

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Troglodyte Cloister / Autumn of 14 Collection / Sculpture 11 / Colorado Yule Marble

 14 x 8 x 10.5″ / SN141203 /13.6 lbs lbs / $2,000

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Troglodyte Cloister catapulted itself into existence the very instant my hammer blow cleaved a well-seasoned block of Colorado Yule Marble into the two very contrasting pieces destined to provide the ‘Autumn of 14 Collection’ its final two sculptures; bringing the total to a nice, round, dozen.   In fact this pugnacious penultimate sculpture barged upon the scene with a swagger that seemed to pronounce itself practically done and dusted.  In the millisecond it took for pent up internal stresses within the stone to unleash a ‘lightening bolt’ of sufficient strength to tear apart 30 million year-old marble,  the completely untooled outer surface you see today was created in its entirety.   The cloistered windows arrived  courtesy of  holes drilled to facilitate the plug and feathers used in splitting the siblings apart.   I knew that if I scooped the marble out deep enough I would eventually uncover the windows at some point.   My task was to simply remove as much material as practically viable while causing the minimum of damage.   Fortunately this proved to be a truly wonderful, lovely piece of stone… all I could reasonably ask for in a block of marble.  When carving out the interior I became increasingly aware of the marble’s lovely,  lush velvety smooth nature.    In splitting Troglodyte Cloister from her counterpart,  Curvilinear Campfire, I was continually put in mind of a similar miraculous ‘birth’ during the later stages of The Maiden Collection  when, in surrendering her interior stone  Mabel , ‘Spirit of the Stone  herself, gave birth as it were to what was soon to become ‘Coliseum’.   Following in the footsteps of the Girl in the Moon and Salt of the Earth I again elected to split the block for the final two sculptures of the Autumn of 14 Collection.   However,  in a departure from the surgical splitting of the twins, the effect I was after this time around was to create two very different,  very distinct individual pieces.  I therefore ‘loaded the equation’ by producing a hugely uneven contest and thus setting prime conditions for a nice curving variegated surface.   And then came the fateful hammer blow that in a split second shot through the marble cleaving the two siblings apart.

Inspiration for Troglodyte Cloister arrived courtesy of a chance trip to  Portovenere / Italy / April 2014. 

The windows themselves arrived courtesy of the holes I had drilled in order to place the plug and feather wedges.

Troglodyte Cloister

Home Page

Direct Method Curvilinear Reductionist Sculpture

by Martin Cooney


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