Curvilinear Campfire, Home Page

Curvilinear Campfire

Home Page

 Curvilinear Campfire / Autumn of 14 Collection / Colorado Yule Marble

13 x 12 x 17.5″ / SN141204 / 29.2lbs / Sold

The Autumn of 14 Collection received its twelfth and final carving the moment I put my mark into the base of Curvilinear Campfire, along with the serial number 141204, signifying the sculpture’s completion.      Armed with the certain knowledge that this was to be the collection’s final carving I set myself to create a piece that would invoke the very essence of Curvilinear sculpture.    I chose a campfire theme with which to conclude the Autumn of 14 Collection as it seemed to offer an unparalleled opportunity to carve the wind… or at least the effect it has on the campfires up here in Woody Creek.   It is a rare night indeed when the fire isn’t being buffeted in one direction or another,   but at this elevation fires burn with such little enthusiasm they need all the help they can get.  Consequently a good blowy winter’s eve serves as prime conditions for fire gazing… keeps it nice and hot, and whips the flames into a flickering frenzy at the same time.    I really do love a campfire.    I made the interior surface of the bowl tougher than a mid January twenty-below-zero night.    The design ensures that water is expelled while the surface is protected by an invisible Italian-made penetrating sealant to provide a tough, endurable water-repellent finish that will protect the campfire for many, many years to come.    In order to photograph Curvilinear Campfire, as with so much of my reductionist sculpture, I had to abandon the idea that I could some how magically portray precisely, exactly or even remotely, just how intricately the light plays on (with) and through the wafer thin campfire flames.      From certain angles Campfire resembles a schooner leaning into the wind. Fireplace or Fireship however its this very same wind that whips them both.

The delicate task of splitting Curvilinear Campfire From Troglodyte Cloister went about as well as I could have hoped.

Curvilinear Campfire

Home Page

Curvilinear Reductionist Sculpture by Martin Cooney


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