Curvilinear Campfire, Home Page

 Curvilinear Campfire / Autumn of 14 Collection / Colorado Yule Marble

13 x 12 x 17.5″ / 29.2 lbs / SN141204 / Sold

The Autumn of 14 Collection received its twelfth and final carving the moment I put my mark into the base of Curvilinear Campfire, along with the serial number 141204, signifying the sculpture’s completion.  Armed with the certain knowledge that this was to be the collection’s final carving I set myself to create a piece that would invoke the very essence of my recently evolved signature brand of Curvilinear Marble Sculpture.

Having already split the Cosmic Twins earlier in the collection, I decided to repeat the feat of splitting a uniform rectangular block in a similar fashion.  This time around however, in stead of splitting the block from corner to corner so as to produce the two twins,  I deliberately weighted the split towards one side so as to create the exact opposite:  two pieces with practically no similarities whatsoever.

I chose a campfire theme with which to conclude the Autumn of 14 Collection as it seemed to offer an unparalleled opportunity to carve the wind… or at least the effect it has on the campfires in Woody Creek. It is a rare evening indeed when the fire isn’t being blown in one direction or another, but at this elevation fires burn with such little enthusiasm they need all the help they can get. Consequently a good blowy winter’s eve serves as prime conditions for fire gazing:  keeps things nice and hot, and whips the flames into a flickering frenzy at the same time.  I really do love a campfire.

People have told me however that from certain angles Campfire resembles a schooner leaning into the wind.  Fireplace or Fireship however its this very same wind that whips them both.

Troglodyte Cloister Home Page

As for the other piece of marble, as you can see above, I utilized the drill holes in order to create the Gothic window effect, that in turn provides Troglodyte Cloister with his chief identifying feature.



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Curvilinear Campfire / Autumn of 14 Collection / Colorado Yule Marble


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