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 R E V I S E D  /   Friday December 15  / 2017

At the moment, and for the foreseeable future, my Marble Collection Series Sculpture is showing at the new KMJ COONEY GALLERY, 111 AABC Suite D, Aspen, Colorado 81611.

As of Monday, December 18th, 2017 Winter Season Hours run from 2 to 6 pm.

Private appointments are always welcome however, so please call me at 970 319 1070 to arrange a viewing at your convenience.

Throughout the 1718 Winter Season The KMJ is to rotate all fifty Collection Series Sculptures, currently available for purchase, through the gallery.


↓  R E V I S E D   /   Friday March 21  / 2017 ↓

Cheers! Thrilled to be back in business~ ~ ~


From Birdhaven Studio, Woody Creek

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Yes moved, from from my studio workshop of a dozen years in Woody Creek, five whole miles down the road to 111 Suite D, at the A.A.B.C, more widely known as “The ABC”, or “Airport Business Center”.    Located directly adjacent to Aspen Airport, the new KMJ COONEY GALLERY will claim frontage towards Highway 82, afford the large front windows warm afternoon Apres sunlight, and provide free and ample parking throughout the day.   It will also boast a fully equipped workshop, up-and-over rear door, with the whole place neatly capped by a tall lofty ceiling.   In short, despite dating back to 1975, the space could not have conformed closer to our – Kris, myself and Joseph’s – specifications, if we had drawn them up ourselves.   Free public transport whisk passengers from the nearby enclosed bus stops to practically anywhere they wish within the wide bowl of the Upper Roaring Fork Valley.   The multitude of superbly maintained bicycle paths that crisscross Aspen-Snowmass – a branch of which of course leads right up to our door – facilitate a quite deluxe mode of pedal powered locomotion.    And with, for the first time in the ABC’s history,  a brand new neighborhood pub about to open its doors almost simultaneously with that of the KMJ C GALLERY, I’m compelled to declare that, all in all, the timing for this monumental move, could not possibly have worked out better.

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Not only does all this artwork, and much more, require moving, but the studio gallery itself, although handed to scheduled to be handed to us in quite pristine condition, will have to be constructed within the space.    And so the exact date of our opening to the public, certainly at some point during the merry month of June, will be determined somewhat closer to the launch time.  We will however be throwing a series of ‘Aspen Apres‘ soft opening events with which to ease ourselves into action.   Please stay tuned for regular updates as matters unfold… right here at

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