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Where in the Aspen Snowmass Area is The KMJ? Answer: Slap Bang in The MIDDLE

Colorado’s State Rock, Yule Marble, is Quarried just 23 Miles From Downtown Aspen (as the eagle flies), three miles outside the town called Marble.

Learn of the Proud 144 year History  of Quarrying America’s Premium Marble at 9,300 feet.

See, Touch, and Feel the Revolutionary  ‘Light, Portable, and Carved For Full Immersion in the Real World ‘  Curvilinear Marble Sculpture.

Meet the Tools and Equipment That Made The Carving of Curvilinear Marble Sculpture Possible.

KMJ COONEY GALLERY 111 AABC, Suite D, Aspen, Colorado 81611

Please Visit THEKMJ.COM For Details

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