Search Engine “FIRST PAGES” and why you’ll seldom find me there these days

The Truth About Search Engines is that, unlike the good old days, when merit ruled the internet FIRST PAGE RESULTS ARE NOW ROUTINELY BOUGHT

by the highest bidder

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There was a time not so long ago that, within certain brackets pertaining to the contents of my website, I took up virtual residence upon many relevant google first pages. Whether it be in google image, with photos of my sculpture, or on the information pages with my articles on Yule marble and its quarry, so many were the pictures and posts strewn all over Google’s vaunted first pages – particularly of my own unique Curvilinear Marble Sculpture – that in fact I scarcely gave the matter much of a thought. But that was then and this is now, and nowerdays it’s simply a matter of pay up or disappear.

In the old days for instance, whether the subject centered around Colorado Yule Marble, the quarry itself, its long history and present day revival, or my contemporary sculpture – or any one of a number of topics – my posts would cluster around the first few pages of a google search like proverbial sheep upon a lush green meadow. But alas those days are now gone and unlikely to return any time soon.

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Discover for yourself the Gorgeous Crystal River Valley along the Aspen Marble Detour ONLY at

Hardly a day goes by whereby I do not receive at least one determined pitch encouraging me to get back to where my website belongs by paying them to ‘make it so‘. Meaning of course that there was no need for my removal from the top of the search other than I have refused to cough up the dough to keep me there, while others, although hopefully not all, presumably pay a goodly sum to buy their way in. Which ones pay and which ones don’t, well, their used to be a separate category drawing attention to paid insertions so as to draw a distinction between merit and money, but not any more. Its been this way since about 2017 when google changed their algorithms, whatever that really means, and so I don’t expect anything to change any time soon.

But that’s OK, I’m not really sure that I want the full weight of an increasingly cynical  internet careening through my website as they click away at the first page they see, for ever since my first tentative post way back in the spring of 2013 it has been my intention for to avoid the hullabaloo on-line these days and instead relay my point of view from the perspective of a stone carver living in today’s lightening paced 3D printed world rather than to paint some sort of a personal portrait of who I am behind the scenes, draw a following and all.

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2003 saw the fourth dramatic transatlantic move of my life, this time from verdant Frome, Somerset, England, to alpine Woody Creek, Colorado, USA.

In the beginning’s platform was to get the word out and tell my story; that I learned to carve stone by attaining my NVQ Level 2 at the City of Bath College and most importantly worked in two banker masonry shops, Phoenix Masonry and Bath Stone, in the surrounding villages. Shortly after which Kris and I sold our home in town of Frome, England and left for Woody Creek, 8 rural miles north of Aspen, in autumn of 2003.

But a full ten years would transpire before I would begin cataloging events here on martincooney. Much work and many projects went entirely undocumented during this period and so scant few photos or reminders remain of those rather heady times, but a lot of work transpired, I can assure you.

At first my only objective in firing up was to simply learn the ropes of merely blogging the world around me, but then certain topics, centering around the astonishing recreational activities we enjoy here in the Roaring Fork Valley, began to surface as a category all of their own, Then the Colorado Rock Mountain Sculpture Garden as I called it then, later to morph into Birdhaven Studio Sculpture Garden, became the focus of my attention, and so it went, with each article teaching me how better to tell an on line story utilizing blocks of words interspersed with large format pictures, sort of like this post, if you see what I mean.

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Of course, the good old  North West Tuscan Way continues to pick up views with an annual spring surge prompted by Europeans and Americans planning their own Tuscan Adventure no doubt. But whatever the topic, location or situation I always showcase the local stonework, statuary and architecture in a way that perhaps only a stone carver might. For once mastered, the art, science and technique of stone carving forbids one from ever quite seeing a block of stone the same way again.

In fact, once you notice the amount of stone featured all over this site – either in its raw mountainous form, cut and trimmed into buildings or exquisitely sculpted into fine art – be warned, you may never see it quite in the same way again. For as  I have chimed in many many times by now here on stone carvers did indeed shape our world or at least the best bits of it.

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Take a Trip Along The North West Tuscan Way ONLY at or by actually going to Italy yourself.

Which leads me to the question of why people do indeed click on martincooney, who they are and what they appear to be looking for. My guess is that they are looking for certain information regarding stone related searches, but also I think many people, perhaps including you, who simply like to look and wander around an attractive and interesting site that carries no advertising and presents such big format pictures – of course, there is always that.

But most people are here because they have put quite some effort into seeking what it is that I offer. For once here I see a high degree of engagement, with the average visitor clicking 3 to five times on the various topics, with some people occasionally spending a considerable amount of time, often reaching clicks into the dozens.

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The three Cooneys: Kris, Martin and Joseph are The KMJ Cooney Studio Gallery

Ironically perhaps, for a site called, few articles attend to matters of a personal nature. Kris – my wife, and  Joseph – my son, at times do hover in and out of the picture, but in general, as with my own personal life, little is divulged here, and that is the way I like it.  I prefer instead to point the lens away from me and onto this great big beautiful world of ours, and the long-standing influence stone has had on us wee human beings, right down to the very stone we hew from quarries and carve into the individual block with which we build our gorgeous public and civic buildings, homes and practically cities in some parts of the planet. In fact, once you begin to notice just how much carved stone there is strewn across many of the larger cities, even here in America, then you can never quite not see it the same way again.

But, yes of course, I readily admit it: is primarily a shop window for my sculpture, so please do check it out before you leave by clicking on some of the tabs located in the banner at the top of the page and see for yourself why it is that I love the whole topic of marble so very much.

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I like to think that as a nice cozy place on the internet whereby you  may drop in at any time and wander around at will – there’s lots to discover. And who knows? You may even find yourself planning a trip along The North West Tuscan Way some day.

Or from my point of view, better still, you can begin planning your visit trip here to the gorgeous Roaring Fork Valley for a lovely and memorable spell somewhere along the Aspen Marble Detour. Including of course a scheduled visit to our sculpture gallery: The KMJ Cooney Studio Gallery, which (conveniently) faces Aspen Airport and fronts Highway 82, with off street parking for added convenience.

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Inspired by the interest it has gathered on the internet has now grown into a vast labyrinth of a site, with topics, videos and photographs dealing with a wide range of subjects, but thankfully over the course of seven years I have learned how to assemble and display the various tabs and categories in a way that works more smoothly than ever.

My articles are usually quite long and in depth, such as my many pieces written about the complex and in depth subject of the Colorado Yule Marble Quarry and its storied and oft time cruel history – and I like it that way, long and involved.

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Light, Portable and Carved For Full Immersion in the Real World – That’s my Signature Unique Colorado Yule Marble Collection Series Sculpture. Check it out today!

But yes, I very much would like to sell more of my light, portable and revolutionary Curvilinear Marble Sculpture, and so please pass on to whoever you suspect might appreciate the link.  I’ve worked very hard to get my ‘on-line magazine and sculpture gallery’ to this point and my aim is to make it better and better as the years go by.

I’ll let you go now – but thank you very much indeed for taking the time to read all of this. While perhaps not one of my more constructive posts, it really feels good to let you know of the true situation as to why I don’t appear on “Google first pages?”  and at last get the whole sordid subject behind me and off my chest.

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Search Engine “GOOGLE FIRST PAGES” and why you’ll seldom find me there these days

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The Truth About Search Engines is that, unlike the good old days, when merit ruled the internet


by the highest bidder

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