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Improvements to the Aspen Marble Detour 2020 include

  • Flexible Booking: Fixed flat rate of $95 per hour for the vehicle and myself as your groups’s personal chauffeur for the full day, half day or however long day tour.

  • Luxury of Space; Just eight passenger seats within a high topped 15 person bus makes getting in and out of the bus a cinch.

  • Room for Luggage: Fewer seats = more room

  • Pick Ups and Drop Offs From Any Address Within The Aspen Snowmass Area: And not just from the downtown Aspen hotels any more. 

  • Flexible Tour Schedule: Book the tour when you want and return at your own leisure.

  • Vacation Plans Facilitated: Stay one night, two, three or more in the verdant Crystal River Valley’s numerous superb accommodations and resume your tour upon the return journey to the Aspen Snowmass Area in the upper Roaring Fork Valley.

Some things haven’t changed however because just as last year the high topped Aspen Marble Detour Bus boasts huge cool tinted windows through which to gaze up at the jagged mountain peaks looming upon on each side of the road at any given point along the Crystal River Valley. Or simply sit back and gaze through the panoramic windows at the astonishingly beautiful and verdant scenery streaming by like something out of a blissful dream.

It really is a gorgeous landscape in every sense of the word, and to fully enjoy the experience you need a qualified former VIP and Celebrity Professional Chauffeur such as myself at the wheel to be honest. I love that bus and I love driving it, and after all the limousines and town cars I have driven I find it to be quite a joy to handle really.

By now I have come to know the road from Aspen to Marble and back very well indeed, and know how to glide you along as comfortably, confidently and as safely as can be.  All you have to do is to sit back and enjoy. Just let me know just what kind of tour you would like – historic, shopping, nature, gastronomic, energetic, or any combination really – and I will take care of the rest.

Please Click on a Map or Photo to Enlarge

But aside from the improvements to last year’s Aspen Marble Detour, nothing much else has changed in regard to the first-class service and tailored attention to detail that you will receive on your customized tour.  The route to and from the Town of Marble is pretty much dictated by the steep sided terrain. And if I am not mistaken, many if not all of the businesses featured in the various posts here on, I expect, will be still there this time around.

Perhaps at this point I should explain something as to the nature of may Aspen Marble Detour, for as I mentioned above, we – Kris, my wife – and I launched it during the mid part of last summer, having spent the much of the spring and early summer thoroughly researching, exploring and cataloging practically every inch of the carefully chosen route that you will journey down from Aspen to the Town of Marble, and back, the scenic way, I can assure you.

As to where we stop and for how long, well we can decide that as we go along. And such is the flexible nature of The Detour that overnight stays at any of the astonishing array and variety of accommodations within the Crystal River Valley can be easily arranged. But rather than repeat much of the information that I have already gathered and presented in various posts under the Aspen Marble Detour tab, located in the banner at the top of the page, I suggest that you at some point you go up there and click on it. There you will find all the information you will need to plan an extraordinary vacation indeed.

For in regards restaurants and accommodation, for its relative size and remoteness, I really doubt that the glorious Crystal River Valley be beat anywhere in the famous Rocky Mountain Region. From exquisite Colorado barbecue to white linen luxury, there is a dining option catered to your budget and taste. Fabulous accommodations abound from Redstone to Marble and even beyond – out into the wild, wild woods.  Believe me, what I am trying to say is that, honestly, if you take a good long look at all of the wonderful options that await up and down the Aspen Marble Detour you will discover too that there really is just about everything from which to choose, from a massive ‘castle’ to more humble but decidedly cool and thoroughly restored miners cottages – complete with all the mod cons, as they say – and just about everything you could imagine in between.

So, you’re in the Aspen Snowmass area and you’re looking for something fun and new to do while you are here, and so why go to Marble?

Well,for one thing, just look at it – look where it is located. This is the very crucible in which Colorado Yule Marble was forged and miraculously transformed from a ridge of Leadville limestone into the glorious world renowned white marble that it is today – America’s best by far, but now being considered ‘amongst the finest marble EVER to have been quarried’ by increasing numbers of experts within the marble profession.

And please do set aside the 15 minutes or so to visit our studio gallery for a post tour complementary Bubbly and a Bite as it were – yes, a sort of Exit Through The Gift Shop type scenario I know, because after what you have seen and witnessed on your tour, you might like to see for yourself just what I have managed to carve and create out of all that mysterious white stone laying here there and everywhere in and around the historic mountain town of Marble, Colorado.

In the gallery you will get to touch, feel, explore and engage with the sculpture and perhaps get to understand it in a way that is quite impossible to replicate here on the internet via two dimensional pictures accompanied with a string of words.

But I won’t be offended if you want to skip the KMJ Bubbly and a Bite gallery tour, (even though we will pass within feet of it as we fly by on Highway 82 and thus such a detour from The Detour would take practically no time whatsoever), for aside from promoting my own work I also love to share my admiration and appreciation for our Colorado Yule Marble Quarry and its recent dramatic resurrection from the grave.  I love too the history and culture of this small and remote valley with the beautiful sparkling name; the sensational mountain vistas, and yes, the wide array of small independent businesses run primarily by hardy local people just as proud and as hard working as can be. The whole place really has its own unique and thoroughly positive vibe.

Once I finally get to chauffeur you and your group of up to 8 people to and from, and up and down, this magical landscape, hopefully you too will be so smitten with the Aspen Marble Detour you will heartily recommend the experience to all the visitors to Aspen that you meet, so that they feel compelled to immediately book a tour of their own.  After all, what else are they going to to do with that Spare Day in their itinerary? You know, the one that finds you somewhat at a loose end and otherwise wasting time while looking for something, anything, to do that you and your group haven’t already done before.

I know well all the hidden paths, viewpoints and sites of historical significance cloaked within this most verdant and wild valley, for once I left chauffeuring for a living I took up tour guiding and regularly drove visitors to Portland to such scenic attractions as the mighty Colombia River Gorge, the spectacular Oregon Coast, Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood and of course the rapidly developing Pinot Noir region of the Willamette Valley.

All of which means that I will personally see to it that your version of the Aspen Marble Detour will go is pretty much the way you want it to transpire. Every decision is yours for the making. Of course it should go without saying that this is not a partying opportunity and ‘excessive’ (the key word) alcohol consumption cannot be tolerated under any circumstance, and no alcohol whatsoever may be consumed in the vehicle. But other than that, it is you who the shots; I’ll do the driving. You’ll have a great day; with memories set to last for years to come. The Crystal River Valley is just that sort of place.

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Your Remarkable Sightseeing Opportunity Along The Pristine Crystal River Valley Awaits

What you are about to see now are a but a small sample of the photos that appear in the various articles linked to the Aspen Marble Detour tab located in the header at the top of the page, but they should give you a decent glimpse of the sheer beauty of the many dramatic alpine vistas, along with many indoor and outdoor options of which you may choose partake if you should so wish. Really, for such an out of the way place, the possibilities for boundless fun are as varied as they are widespread.


By the time we reach this point in the tour in the above picture we will likely have been travelling for no more than 30 minutes or so, (depending whether we chose to drop in at Wholefoods for coffee and whatnot, as it is literally on our path) and from here it is Rocky Mountain country roads all the way to Marble, and back.


Sometimes I think pictures need a whole bunch of explanation so as to make sense to the viewer, but combined I hope that these two photos serve to illustrate the exact nature of the roads we will be travelling upon once freed from the speedy grip of Highway 82 and are gently rolling along the sort of American Beauty that is Highway 133 at this point in its journey from Carbondale to Delta, Colorado.


Either side of the open road lay many truly wild surprises: icy clear waterfalls and snow peaked “fourteeners” at one time of year, golden forests and bright green mountains at others.

Please Click on a Photo to Enlarge

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Visiting Aspen This Year? Then Book Your Aspen Marble Detour Today

for Bookings and Information

Please Call Me at 970 319 1070 

Or email me at

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thanks for visiting

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