Good News: The Aspen Marble Detour’s New Summer and Fall Schedule is Now Underway

The Aspen Marble Detour is Now To Depart


For Individual Groups Of Up To 8 People

The Reasonable Rate of Just 95 Dollars Per Hour However Remains Unchanged

~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~

This tour will restore your faith in humanity, you will feel relaxed, rested and reassured that whatever the problems the world may be experiencing right now, we do indeed live on a most gorgeous and fascinating planet

Yes these have been challenging times no doubt for all of us in one way or another but sooner or later our lives must return to something like normal 

And so why not treat yourself – your friends, loved ones or anyone that you would like to spend more quality time with – to a full or half day tour of the spectacular Crystal River Valley


Please fill out the form below to request a time and date 

And remember to include  the number of people in your party and the amount of time you wish to spend touring

The Aspen Marble Detour Bus is fully licensed and insured: Chartered Scenic Bus Permit Number CSB-00239.  Martin Cooney is a former V.I.P and Celebrity Chauffeur.  The Flat Rate of $95 per hour includes all taxes, fuel and gratuity. A $95 non-refundable deposit is required to secure all reservations.


~ ~ ~

Boy oh boy are these strange times we are living in, or what?  I don’t know about you but I am just chomping at the bit to get back to some semblance of normalcy.  But yes, sadly and for whatever reason it would now seem that we will never return to the carefree days of yore, when we were free to go about our business unencumbered by what has now become quite draconian restrictions.  Never-the-less we are at least free to operate the sort of single group, limited passenger, transportation tour such as our Aspen Marble Detour precisely because we have the ability to totally wipe down and completely sanitize the interior of the bus prior to each tour.  We also carry masks, gloves, handi-wipes… you name it, we’ve got it.

And so, all-in-all, considering the absolute chaos this virus scare has reaped across virtually the entire commercial world, and unless we are bolted down once again, we have mercifully only had to make quite modest changes to our routine in order to adapt and cope with our strange new reality – for the AMD Bus has always presented a spotless interior environment.

As for the reduced seating, we had already planned to remove several seats anyway simply because it provides a far better experience for the passengers; as clearly overcrowding a vehicle such as this with 15 people seems a bit extreme to us.  Therefore we had already plans to take out the seats and replace them with cozy rugs in stead, this way there is more leg room, easier access getting in and out, and an all-around nicer atmosphere in which to spend a few lovely hours of your day.

I originally conceived and designed The Aspen Marble Detour to ferry KMJ Cooney Gallery visitors up to the remote and historic town of Marble, Colorado, where they could then experience some of the fascinating history of our local Colorado Yule marble.  And with the road journey from our gallery to Marble taking less than an hour I imagined that we would simply zoom up there and back in short time (and for some that may still be a preferable option if they wish), but the more I drove, hiked, explored and researched the route the more intrigued and fascinated I became, until pretty soon I was cataloging it in various posts right here on  Just click the Aspen Marble Detour tab at the top of the page and you’ll soon see what I mean.


it gives me great pleasure to announce that

The Aspen Marble Detour is Now Underway

I will readily concede that what the AMD has evolved into now stretches way beyond any required interest in the marble, and more about enjoying the door-to-door aspect of the Detour experience.  Because with the recreational options reading like that some good sized metropolitan area one could be mistaken for confusing the Roaring Fork and Crystal River Valleys for some vastly overcrowded bumper-to-bumper type place, but nothing could be further from the truth.  For the Aspen Marble Detour route actually wends its way through some of the most beautiful and least crowded landscapes anywhere, as hopefully the next few sets of pictures will amply testify.

~ ~ ~

Let’s now take a look at some of those amazing recreational options just mentioned as I lead you through a few photo galleries: and prepared to be wowed as vast panoramic Rocky Mountain vistas, crystal clear rivers, wildlife, wildflowers and lovely hiking trails present themselves at almost every turn.  And while those who simply wish to enjoy a leisurely sightseeing tour from the comfort of their seat, combined perhaps with a little shopping and dining; the range of options for those with a little adventure on their minds we have horseback riding, bike rentals, fly fishing guides, paddle boards, jeep tours, you name it, is as extensive as it is thrilling.  And that is the whole point of a private group tour – flexibility is woven into the schedule.  For whatever kind of Aspen Marble Detour you and your party wish, then that will set the agenda for the tour.

There are brewpubs and distilleries, retail shops, gift shops and galleries and  of all kinds, many of which showcase local artwork and clothing not available anywhere else.  And so, with just so much to see and do, eat and drink, and with so many amazing top notch restaurants, coffee shops and cafes in which to thoroughly indulge yourself, while I cannot guarantee it I am confidently sure that a good time will be had by all.

~ ~ ~

OK then, I think we’ll begin with those vast, panoramic views 

Please fasten your seat belts – you are about to be mightily awed

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

Vast Panoramic Mountain Views

Gorgeous vistas loom large around practically every corner of the Aspen Marble Detour.

~ ~ ~

Hiking, Biking and Horse Trails

Opportunity abounds to not only admire the magnificent scenery from afar, but to get right in amongst it all

~ ~ ~

Rocky Mountain Flora and Fauna

The Aspen Marble Detour takes you deep into the verdant heart of the rugged Elk Mountain Range


~ ~ ~

Pristine Alpine Rivers

Access to crystal clear and fast running mountain rivers are never far away on the Detour

~ ~ ~

Shopping and Dining

Excellent retail and gallery options are as numerous and varied as the vast array of gastronomic delights await the Aspen Marble Detourists whatever the time of day

~ ~ ~

History, Culture and Accommodation

With Colorado Yule Marble’s long and proud history providing the focal point, the past is ever-present all along the Aspen Marble Detour

All this and I didn’t even get around to the quite stunning accommodation options presenting themselves practically all the way along the Aspen Marble Detour Route.  Some of them you can see above – and yes, you can stay in that magnificent castle in glorious comfort and luxury, or rent an cabin for around a hundred bucks, plus just about everything you can imagine, accommodating literally every budget and preference, in between.

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

May I draw your attention to

The KMJ’s Convenient Location

Situated Directly Across From Aspen Airport’s Commercial Airport

And finally, did I mention that the KMJ Cooney Gallery stands just 300 paces from the front door of the Aspen Airport commercial airport? Well, it’s true, we do.  And furthermore that three hundred yards is fully paved and smooth all the way, you don’t even need to cross the road, just follow the path to the down valley public bus stop, and when you emerge from the underpass just look left and there we are, right on the frontage road and three doors down from the Fed Ex on the opposite corner of the building.

So you may want to consider making me your driver while you visit the area.  I can take you to any accommodation located along the Aspen Marble Detour via our big, roomy AMD Bus.  It’s something to think about you must admit!

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

Good News: The Aspen Marble Detour’s New Summer and Fall Schedule is Now Underway

~ ~ ~

thanks for visiting

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