The New Look KMJ is Now Open Each Weekday

That’s Right, The KMJ is At Last Back In Business And Rarin’ To Go

However Word Press, on the other hand, is making it nearly impossible to for me to continue adding content to

And so until I am able to ditch what has now become an quite unusable platform I unfortunately will not be uploading much until I am rid of them and producing content on a platform that has not gone utterly insane.

Please stop by if ever you find yourself in Aspen. We are located right across from the Airport, fronting Highway 82 and just a few doors down from Fed Ex, and so we are very, very easy to find indeed.

I would write more but this whole Word Press issue has put a damper on things that only a complete reset with another host will return to its former self. Hopefully however it won’t take me too long and I’ll be back with regular content. Sorry about all of this, but it can hardly be helped.