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KMJ Showroom Gallery Tour: August 2021

Hello and welcome to this, my first post since the day I launched my signature Stone Flights, way back in January of this year

And while it is true to say that such a long break is pretty much unprecedented in over eight years of posting here at, if you happen to have been following events at THE KMJ, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised at the extent of the changes that Kris and I have brought about in the intervening months.

But before I get much further – wherever in the world you happen to be receiving this – I have a few words for readers who live within the immediate proximity of THE KMJ, 111 Aspen Airport Business Center, Suite D, Aspen 81611

Calling All Roaring Fork, Colorado Residents

Grow Strong and Healthy Edible Plants with Ease, Convenience and Fun YEAR ‘ROUND!

Have you ever wanted to grow delicious and nutritious food right from the comfort and convenience of your own home? Well, that is precisely what our new Market Garden concept is set to bring about: a never-ending and ever-evolving supply of quite simply the best, freshest, tastiest and most nutritious vegetables you have ever experienced.

Tender they are, and like nothing you will find in the supermarket produce isle – any supermarket or produce isle for that matter.

Perhaps such fare might make it to some of the very, very top restaurants, but then again, perhaps not. Nope, once you taste the sheer flavor, the exquisite texture and all-around superiority of produce grown the Market Garden way you will never want to go back to the old supermarket ‘warehouse quality’ veg, ever again.

And so, hopefully, by the end of this long-time-coming post you too will agree that our bold business statement does indeed ring true, in that THE KMJ really does make growing food easy, convenient and actually lots of fun.

Now, let’s take a little tour around the new-look KMJ Stoneworks and brand new Market Garden

Reflecting back upon the circumstances in which our new KMJ Market Garden was conceived, a more marked contrast in both weather and outlook could hardly be imagined. It was early January of 2021: deep was the snow and cold was the wind when Kris and I finally had enough of the doom and gloom of lock-downs and mask mandates and decided to set something positive into motion.

This Way to THE KMJ

So, let’s just take a look around and mosey on in through THE KMJ front door. Come in and I’ll explain as we go along…. this way, tout suite !

Yes, believe it or not, we are actually GIVING our lovely Micros away – for a limited time at least – while we grow and perfect our crop, test out new strains and varieties, and grow accustomed to raising microgreens under lights, rather than the natural sky light with which we grew them several years ago in Woody Creek.

Woody Creek’s Radical Rads

Back then, around 2016, the microgreens we grew using solely natural light found their way into several of Aspen’s top restaurants, not to mention the dining tables and sandwich plates of many a Roaring Fork Valley resident. Now however we find ourselves on the other end of the spectrum with a vertical garden set-up consisting of nine four foot by 2 foot agroLight fluorescent grow lights.

As you can see, conditions could not vary more than those between the Woody Creek operation and our new KMJ set-up, and yet – dramatic as these contrasts may be – we are determined to not only recreate the wonderful micros we cultivated back then, with the urban farm system that we utilize today, but even surpass their high standards now that we have full control over the whole growing process.

Of course, what you are looking at in the pictures is THE KMJ in full-on summer mode, and although we aim to grow edible plants and mics the full year ’round, quite definitely you will see a difference in ratio of plants-to-stonework once the cold months descend upon us.

Every home is a greenhouse

Martin Cooney

Sad to say that, here at THE KMJ, this being a commercial space, such is the overhang leaning right over our front window that Kris and I have scant sunlight to work with at any point in the year, certainly not enough to grow anything of commercial significance, compared to the bountiful results rendered by our nine banks of grow lights.

You yourself, on the other hand, may, like most people, have at least one sunny window in which to bring your plants to fruition. And if not, then surely you have a place somewhere where you could hide a set of lights or two. Because once you have tasted the difference between the food you grow yourself, and the store bought ‘warehouse quality’ produce available here there and everywhere, you will never, ever, want to go back, I assure you.

THE KMJ makes growing food at home Easy, Successful and Fun

Martin Cooney

However, welcome as the Market Garden summertime interlude was; it is, has been, and always will be, the stonework that occupies both the heart and soul of THE KMJ.

Especially my Curvilinear Colorado Yule Marble Sculpture, Hand Carved Marble Bowls and all remaining Collection Series Marble Sculpture still available for purchase, of course.

Let’s now take a look at some of the stonework, as displayed during the month of August, 2021

Yes, in spite of the Market Garden’s dramatic emergence these past few lovely summer months, the sculpture – or a significant amount of it – is still to be found, draped around the gallery here and there, as if patiently awaiting their chance to resume their rightful central role within the gallery, which indeed will be the case, sooner than we know it. For balmy and summery as the weather may be right now, give it just a few weeks and we will be right back into the snowy reality that is life in the Rocky Mountains, come wintertime.

Thank you for visiting

KMJ Showroom Gallery Tour: August 2021

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