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'Birdseye', The Maiden Collection, Colorado Yule Marble Sculpture by Martin Cooney

Carved from a single block of marble, my signature Marble Bowls take full advantage of sweeping, dynamic, Curvilinear Reductionist principles to create sculpture that is as radically new to the art scene, as it is practical to own.

Light, portable, and carved for full immersion in the real world, my Hand Carved Marble Bowls present marble sculpture in a whole new ’21st Century’ light. So light indeed that anyone able to cradle a small child will find moving these surprisingly ergonomic bowls a simple and enjoyable experience; enabling the same bowl to be viewed in a multitude of locations – each serving to coax a new aspect, an alternate profile, along with a slew of transcending moods.

In carving the stone so thin that light permeates the walls of the bowls, I am able to present marble in a whole new light.  Leaning heavily upon my Banker Mason training and experience I utilize this knowledge in order to carve a distinct Curvilinear Structural Integrity deep within every marble sculpture, enabling (as I am oft to repeat) my sculpture to take it’s place in the real world – the one we all inhabit.

By the way, although quite eye-catching as they they may be, as they flaunt their light bending capabilities, my durable Hand Carved Marble Bowls present quite a stunning sight when mounded with ice and draped with seafood, or decked with the freshest of fresh fruit. The possibilities are practically endless, and one more reason why I call my Marble Bowl Sculpture quite “Revolutionary”… in the extreme.

Prior to the relatively recent advances in sculpting technology bowls such as these simply could not be carved.   Right on cue however, just when I needed it, a whole new slew of abrasive and diamond blade technology came along at the exact same time that I was exploiting the existing technology literally to breaking point as I strove to carve each bowl thinner, bolder and more pronounced.

To be honest, at the outset I had no reason to imagine that a solid block of marble could indeed be carved into a bowl, at least to the proportions that I had in mind.  But after no time at all I had surpassed even my own wildest expectation.

Never had I dreamed that I could carve marble so very, very thin. Never had I conjured bowls like this, and I felt strangely as though I was watching on at times as Adam, Eve, Magellan, Long Boat, Titanic, and many more continued to raise, and raise the bar.  In fact I will go as far as to say that there would be no Curvilinear Reductionist Marble school of thought whatsoever had not the bowls arrived at the prime moment that they did.  For armed with the newfound knowledge gained from carving so many bowls I was able to take the same principles and apply them to each project as they came along; Guin, The Belle, Dreadnought, Pilgrim and of course the marble masks; Girl in the Moon, Salt of the Earth and Industrial Evolution.

As with all of my Collection Series Sculpture each bowl in inscribed with a serial number and mark upon the underside of the base.   Highly collectible, even though I do say it myself, my Hand Carved Marble Bowls are nimble, portable in the extreme, and carved for full immersion in the real world.

And when I say “carved for full immersion in the real world” I mean that… those thinner than thin glassy panels, framed within many of the bowl’s walls, are in fact protected by edges designed and carved with protection in mind.   The truth is that by-and-large these bowls are a darn sight tougher than they look. They may even be repaired, if the damage isn’t too great.

My marble bowls bring a whole new e of possibility to an astute art lover’s collection:  hand carved marble is now light, portable and headed your way.  Don’t settle for machined knock-offs the way (if they even exist) – my hand carved marble bowls are as o, unique, and personable as you you are yourself!

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Mother of Pearl rough block, The Maiden Collection, Colorado Yule Marble Sculpture by Martin Cooney


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