Artist Bio

I was born and raised in Preston, Lancashire, England, within a loving family in the North West of England.  As was the custom back then (the 1960’s) I also relished a degree of independence to roam and explore my home town with a level of unfettered freedom that is (sadly) unimaginable to the children of today… and explore I did, at every opportunity.    So perhaps it wasn’t too surprising that at the age of 22,  after having fulfilled the terms of my five-year compositor (hot metal typesetting) apprenticeship,  I left my home town on a bicycle,  and embarked upon a journey that continues to this day.   Travel and adventure proved sufficient motivation to keep me captivated for many years, traversing the globe twice, lost in mounting awe at the magnificence, diversity, and stunning beauty of our gorgeous planet Earth.  Eventually however mere observation just wasn’t enough, it was time to create! It was time to make my mark.

Wherever my travels have taken me I have always sketched and photographed my surroundings, and in actual fact have always sculpted and re-arranged my environment in one way or another,  but it took a chance encounter in the splendid Georgian city of Bath, in the southwest of England, as the last century was drawing to a close,  for me to realize my true passion lay in carving stone.   On graduating from The City Bath College with NVQ Level 2 qualifications, I worked as a banker mason in the surrounding villages from 2000 to 2003, during which time I learned to carve architectural stonework fast and accurately by working alongside the latest generation of banker masons in an industry stretching back, one handshake to the next, in one unbroken line,  almost one thousand years.

For the past 13 years I have made my home in Woody Creek, 8 miles north of Aspen, Colorado, 7,300 feet in the Rocky Mountains,   where I enjoy the truly stunning natural beauty of the Roaring Fork Valley with my lovely wife Kris,   and our tall, handsome,  ski-mad son Joseph.   My workshop-studio sits just yards from the log cabin wherein I write this,   and it is there that I have made the crucial  transition from banker mason to sculptor.   Twenty-two miles due West of the cabin (as the eagle flies) Colorado Yule Marble – America’s premium white marble,  the marble used to build the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, and a great many of the nation’s most prestigious and important architectural landmarks – is quarried at an elevation of 9,300 feet – right up there on the snowline, amongst the jagged peaks of the Rocky Mountain Elk Range.  With such ready access to so much magnificent material I am thus able to explore and exploit previously unknown properties of Colorado Yule Marble,   and by utilizing the very recent advances in diamond blade and abrasive pad technology I continue to raise the bar with each successive carving,  leaning heavily on my experience as a banker mason,  to create contemporary three-dimensional artwork that I feel is relevant,  original,  innovative, and unique.

Thoughts ideas questions suggestions concerns requests and opinions here please, if you will?

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