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Years ago, when this website stumbled onto the internet, I subscribed to the idea that each and every post should end with a comment box, a theory I stuck with until quite recently in fact.   But as grew, and grew into the monster it is today, I found it less and less convenient to ‘patrol’ so many comment boxes, across so many pages. All-in-all, now comprises over 350 titles – 301 posts plus 50 or so static pages.   Not only that, but each of the’s 8,000 images reside on line, in the cloud, and yes… each one contains a comment box! If I only knew how to disconnect the thing I would, but Word Press can be a baffling universe at times.   And so, thanks once again for visiting my site.    I do value your thoughts and opinions but would beg to keep it all civilized and non spam.  I have also disabled the like button as I just do like being on this end of the thumbs up system.   Please leave your questions and comments below, or email me at if you prefer.


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