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Pearl / The Maiden Collection / Colorado Yule Marble

12 x 12 x 6.75″ / SN120203 / 11.4 lbs / $1,200

Free Shipping Available to Most Mid and Large Cities Within (Lower 48) Continental USA

Pearl, The Maiden Collection, Colorado Yule Marble Sculpture by Martin Cooney

Weighing in at a shade over 11 lbs Pearl is the lightest and most dainty of all Maiden Collection  bowls to date.   I named her Pearl because she looked so precious standing on her tiny circular footprint.   She’s also unique in that her mother  (“Of Pearl”) was named after her and not the other way round.   I was really quite proud of Pearl once I had finished carving her.   The carving process however proved something of a complex matter when balance and stability were taken into account,   but I’m delighted to say that she is as balanced,  poised,  and stable as any bowl this playful has any right to be,   and will not tip unless unreasonably provoked.


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Colorado Yule Marble Sculpture by Martin Cooney


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