Mountains of Moab, Home Page

Mountains of Moab

Home Page

Mountains of Moab / 1314 Winter Collection / Colorado Yule Marble

36 x 7 x 4″ / 27.4 lbs / SN131101 / $1,150

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'Mountains of Moab', 1314 Winter Collection, Colorado Yule Marble Sculpture by Martin Cooney

When I set about to carve the piece of stone that was to become ‘Mountains of Moab’ the block was brand new to me.    Generally I keep various pieces of stone in my yard for such a period that I gradually get to know them;  see them in different lights, from every angle and in all kinds of weather,   but I had only recently split this piece of Colorado Yule Marble,  a week or ten days earlier.   However,  the way this block had split made easy my decision to carve a piece of marble I had barely got to know.   For in the brief time I had to examine and study the stone it immediately became clear that I had a mountain range on my hands.   The pointy tops of each peak is in fact a tiny remnant fleck of the wall that formed when I drilled the one inch holes accommodating the plug and feathers.   The tapered shapes of the mountainsides are a visual representation of the forces and pressures created when I hammered down on the line of plug and feather wedges,  an immense force that built to such an incredible point that it split the block in two.   I liken it to lightening.   In fact that’s the word I use when I recognize the familiar signs:  The deep resonating cracks,   splits and groans   that emanate from deep within the marble also somewhat resemble the flashes and rumbles of thunder and lightening.   From the moment I laid eyes on these perfectly formed mini mountains a particular set of peaks immediately sprang to mind,  from a memorable visit to Moab several years ago.


Mountains of Moab

Home Page

Colorado Yule Marble Sculpture by Martin Cooney


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