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Mountains of Moab / 1314 Winter Collection / Colorado Yule Marble

36 x 7 x 4″ / 27.4 lbs / SN131101 / $1,150


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Free Shipping Available to Most Cities within the Continental USA

'Mountains of Moab', 1314 Winter Collection, Colorado Yule Marble Sculpture by Martin Cooney

Given that I employ the direct method of carving marble, seldom if ever has a rough block presented itself closer to the finished article than the Mountains of Moab.  Under normal circumstances, once a rough block has been established, either by splitting or circumstance,  I find myself called upon to stare deep into the stone in order to picture they sculpture that I aim to carve.

Splitting the rough block for Troglodyte Cloister and Curvilinear Campfire

Nothing of the sort transpired with the Mountains of Moab. Amazingly, the entire outline of the carving was produced with a single blow of my hammer as I drove my carefully placed wedges in position to split the stone.  In other words, the Mountains of Moab is brought to your courtesy of a single blow of my hammer.  Meaning that the crowns of the ‘mountains’ actually represent the point where my plug and feather wedges cleaved this piece from another, larger, block.

The moment I laid eyes upon this piece my mind immediately returned to a family trip to Utah whereby a distinctly memorable set of mountains conspired to frame a spectacular set of memories.

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 My role upon realizing the remarkable similarity was to carve the three hidden valleys.

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Mountains of Moab / 1314 Winter Collection / Colorado Yule Marble


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