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 Lemonworld / 1314 Winter Collection / Colorado Yule Marble

32 x 12 x 7″ / 40 lbs / SN131203A / $3,500

This Carving is Available For Purchase as UniqueMarbleComany.com  link

Free Shipping Available to Most Cities within the Continental USA

Lemonworld entered the world as the fifth Colorado Yule Marble sculpture of the 1314 Winter Collection.  Knowing that I had a very high quality rough block on my hands I had made the conscious decision prior to the carving phase to sculpt a somewhat symmetrical bowl, a fact that makes this bowl rare amongst my hand carved marble bowls.

The rough block of sawn marble from which I split and carved Lemonworld I knew from experience to be very hard and very dense, therefore I was reasonably confident the pointy ends that lend Lemonworld her name would not only endure the carving process but would prove extremely strong and durable once carved.

The name ‘Lemonworld’ popped into my head very early during the carving process, and is unusual in that rather than taking my cue from the stone, I instead imposed a template design on the top surface in order to create a more uniform shape, which of course appears quite lemon-like.  The name however became cemented into my mind when the song ‘Lemonworld’  by ‘The National’ came through my headphones not once but several times during the carving process.  It just seemed apt.

Certainly the toughest of my signature hand carved marble bowls at the time of carving, Lemonworld surely packs a punch.  This bowl was designed and carved to be tough throughout, and is believe me “one extremely tough hand carved marble bowl” indeed ! “


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 Lemonworld / 1314 Winter Collection / Colorado Yule Marble


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