Oblique Perspective, Home Page

Oblique Perspective

Home Page

Oblique Perspective / 1314 Winter Collection / Colorado Yule Marble

SN140304 / 15 x 6 x 33” / 1 man lift / $5,200

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If  ‘Oblique Perspective’  bears a passing resemblance to  ‘Reversed Equation‘  the reason is hardly coincidental,   for these two standing stones stelae were carved in succession,  and together form the final two sculptures of the ‘1314 Winter Collection‘.    Almost immediately on completing this piece,   at the end of March 2014,  I was headed to Italy… and so began my three month Tuscan adventure (as documented in the series of Blog Posts grouped under the ‘Rogue Carver on the Loose in Italy‘ banner).   Both of these sculptures share the reversed equation of deflecting the focus of attention to the areas I have completely removed of stone,   and both project a rough-hewn pitched finish… a process I began to explore with ‘Wolf Man Jack‘,  and together these three sculptures serve to conclude the ‘1314 Winter Collection‘  by introducing a new element to my carving that I am eager to explore in future collections. However whereas ‘Reversed Equation’ was all curves and femininity,   and Wolf Man Jack all attitude and edginess,  ‘Oblique Perspective’ is almost bookish in comparison.   And as with all of the 1314 Collection stelae  ‘Oblique Perspective’  is very easy to turn in whichever direction most suits the situation,   as it is secured by a single steel rod, eliminating the chance of being toppled by the wind… an errant pet, or partying party guest for that matter.

But just in case anyone is thinking that Oblique Perspective is a summer only sort of sculpture, let me set the record straight, O.P. has weathered many a Colorado Rocky Mountain winter storm; freezing cold temperatures (-20f), blistering sun, and howling winds – quite often at the same time.

Oblique Perspective

Home Page

Colorado Yule Marble Sculpture by Martin Cooney


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