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Constellation / The Maiden Collection / Colorado Yule Marble

17 x 11.75 x 5.5” / SN120201 / 17.5 lbs / Sold

Constellation, The Maiden Collection, Colorado Yule Marble Sculpture by Martin Cooney

During the 30 million-year time span of the huge Colorado Yule Marble Slab from which I carved Constellation, unimaginable geological events, have transpired as the Rocky Mountains pushed ever and ever higher in order to create the bowl you see today.  Just how far back each of these markings originates is difficult to say; even that of the strange salamander.  I can and do however unequivocally take credit for those lightning strikes, as I can testify that they are my very own handy work, arriving upon the scene during the instant I drove my mallet down on a set of plug and feather wedges; the force of which split the marble apart, in one fell blow.

What you are essentially seeing in Constellation is the shape of a shock wave from a single plug and feather as it rips through, and is subdued by, the very stone it is attempting to split.  Constellation’s sculpted cutaway (a striking feature that she shares with Eve) lies precisely where the force of this blast met the grain of the marble, causing it to fracture.   Finally, with regards to practical considerations;  as with all of my signature Hand Carved Marble Bowls, Constellation boasts a very low center of gravity, so even when loaded up with, say, delicious ripe fruit,  due to the measured counterbalance I incorporated into the base,  it will not tip.


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Constellation / The Maiden Collection / Colorado Yule Marble


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