Sailboat Tempest, Home Page

Sailboat Tempest

Home Page

Sailboat Tempest / The Maiden Collection / Colorado Yule Marble

19 x 12.5 x 8.5″ / SN120705  / 19.8 lbs / $1,850

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Sailboat Tempest, The Maiden Collection, Colorado Yule Marble Sculpture by Martin Cooney

I could not have wished for better markings from the rough block I chose for Sailboat Tempest.   The sheer force and turbulence these bold intrusions bring to the carving bear witness to the violent geological history that brought Colorado Yule Marble to life.    In this case; an ancient tempest below ground serves to illustrate an aquatic tempest above.    The block in fact contained so much granite,   and had such striking markings,   that a storm seemed to whip up as I carved,   and the more I explored the swirling patterns,   the clearer a vision of a sailboat battered by a raging sea soon began to crystallize, before my eyes.


Sailboat Tempest

Home Page

Colorado Yule Marble Sculpture by Martin Cooney


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