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Birth of a Guin / 1314 Winter Collection / Colorado Yule Marble

9 x 22 x 25” / 61 lbs / SN140301 / $5,000

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'Birth of a Guin', 1314 Winter Collection, Colorado Yule Marble Sculture by MARTIN COONEY

‘Birth of a Guin’ was carved from the 2nd half of an L-shaped quoin that I split into two almost identical pieces. Previously I had carved ‘Fingerbowl’ from the first of the pieces, and now, having gained vital knowledge and information regarding the nature and consistency of the stone, I decided to ‘push the envelope’.

As the two pieces were part and parcel of the same block of stone that had produced the long abandoned quoin I felt reasonably sure that the marble was strong enough to support such a weighty ‘head’ and therefore set about carving the long tapered neck as thinly as possible… all the time making sure that two internal columns incorporated in the structure were of sufficient mass to support such bulk.

So…. Just what is a Guin? A ‘Guin’ is a creature I invented in order to represent all living animals. The eyes, ears, facial features are all there, but rather than include them in the stone I have left them for your mind’s eye to fill in the details, for it is the body language and its myriad interpretations that speak volumes to me.   Birth of a Guin celebrates the never-ending miracle of birth, life and regeneration. This rather abstract montage of intense animal interaction also touches upon issues of predator and prey, victim and motherhood: food or not food.  It is in my mind’s eye a fleeting moment of truth.  Which I suppose you could say makes this perhaps my most complex and altogether challenging sculpture of the three Woody Creek collections. Regardless;  it may  well make things more convenient for us to think of animals as simple creatures, and therefore unable of such complex and exclusively human emotions, but from my various encounters with the animal kingdom, I most certainly and respectfully beg to differ.


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Birth of a Guin / 1314 Winter Collection / Colorado Yule Marble


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