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Wolf Man Jack

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Wolf Man Jack / 1314 Winter Collection / Colorado Yule Marble

12 x 9 x 49” / SN 140302 /  weight: 1 man lift / $4,500

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Wolf Man Jack, 1314 Winter Collection, Colorado Yule Marble Sculpture by Martin Cooney

Wolf Man Jack heralded the final phase of the ‘1314 Winter Collection’ and served to crystallize a concept I had been harboring regarding a circle of standing stones that would eventually include the three sculptures shown above, plus ‘Inner Strength‘ and the yet to be conceived ‘Reverse Equation’ and the collection’s final carving; ‘Oblique Perspective’.     The concept of creating a standing stone circle had been growing  for some time prior to my carving Wolf Man Jack,  but it took the receding snow to prompt me into action.   Taking advantage of the early March thaw I plotted the circle to include two sculptures yet to be conceived,  let alone carved,   but with my impending three month Tuscan Adventure still several weeks distant I felt confident I would be able to complete the project well before my departure.  A key aspect of ‘Wolf Man’ (or “Wolfy” as he is now affectionately known)  derives from the large diamond shaped hole I cut through him.    Prior to this piece my Curvilinear Sculpture, although at times carved so thin that the merest candlelight can penetrate its walls,   had retained a solid appearance.   But all this was about to change with the creation of the last three pieces of the fourteen piece ‘1314 Collection’.   ‘Reverse Equation’, which was about to follow on the heels of Wolf Man, and ‘Oblique Perspective’ would both continue with this theme and open the way for a new chapter of Curvilinear Reductionist Sculpture that I hope to explore in future collections.    The name ‘Wolf Man Jack’ derives more from this piece’s attitude than anything else, but the features presented by the sculpture’s thinnest marble… that of the long triangular face, prompted me to come up with the “Wolf Man” tag.  “Jack” just seemed appropriate as the character seemed to me to be a bit of a card.   As with all the Standing Stones that comprise the circle Wolfy is easily able to turn 360 degrees, and is secured to the plinth by a single half-inch round metal rod.   A working title I used for this piece was actually “Labyrinth”,   a name derived from the multitude of cuts and incisions that slice right through the sculpture from top to bottom and allow for light to penetrate and reflect from the myriad of reflective surfaces, some of them glass thin… the result of so many intersecting interior planes.

Along with Maypole, Inner Strength, Pilgrim, and Catwalk (to name but a few), Wolf Man Jack has weathered himself many a blistering Colorado Rocky Mountain scorching hot sunny afternoon, savage winter storm, and quite everything in between. Wolfy however stands alone in one regard: not only does this stalwart standing stone ‘weather’ the worst that ol’ Jack Frost is able to throw his way, he positively thrives once the low winter sun dominates the sky. Such is the angle of his wafer-thin ‘face’ that never does Wolf Man Jack radiate quite as he does around the time of the Winter Solstice.


Wolf Man Jack

Home Page

Colorado Yule Marble Sculpture by Martin Cooney


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