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Genesis / The Maiden Collection / Colorado Yule Marble

22.5 x 5 x 14.25″ /  SN120405  / 46 lbs / $1,500

 Small Buy Now ButtonGenesis, The Maiden Collection, Colorado Yule Marble Sculpture by Martin Cooney

Genesis was actually the very first piece of The Maiden Collection to be carved.   Taking a sliver of a piece of the rough block that I was to carve into the collection’s 41 sculptures I had no preconceived ideas as just what I would find.    And so imagine my delight on discovering the maze of intricate swirling patterns laying deep within the ten tone slab of Colorado Yule Marble.    Of course little did I know, or care,  at the time of the challenges and difficulties associated with carving such a complex mixture of granite and marble.   But  I love this piece for what it is – a small slice of pure geological time, as well as the first carving of the rest of my life.  Little did I know it, but immediately upon Genesis’s completion, Curvilinear Marble Sculpture was born.



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Colorado Yule Marble Sculpture by Martin Cooney


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