Coracle, Home Page


Home Page

Coracle / The Maiden Collection / Colorado Yule Marble

22.25 x 15.25 x 8.5″ / SN120105 /  40 lbs / $2,400Small Buy Now Button

Free Shipping Available to Most Mid and Large Cities within (Lower 48) Continental USA

Coracle, Curvilinear Hand Carved Marble Bowls at

Although 8 lbs lighter than my largest Hand Carved Marble Bowl to date, Mother of Pearl, I feel as though Coracle never-the-less projects a striking, nay formidable display of strength and endurance. Named after the durable inland watercraft with which my ancestors navigated the rivers and marshes of a Europe dominated by dense forests and treacherous bogs, Coracle retains a timeless air around him.  It must be noted however that, not only is Coracle large and durable, but it is also a nice deep bowl.



Home Page

Hand Carved  Marble Bowls by Martin Cooney


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