Baby, it’s COLD outside, First Snow Sculpture Garden Tour

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As the video hopefully illustrates winter is now well and truly upon us here in Woody Creek and is likely to be around for quite some considerable time. Thankfully however I am well prepared having gathered all the Yule Marble I will need for my 1314 Winter Collection. Admittedly I’ll have to dig it out from under a thick blanket of snow but its satisfying to know that it is indeed there, for now I can concentrate all my attention on the part of being a sculptor I love the most – actually carving the marble!

1314 Winter Collection, Colorado Yule Marble

Gathering the stone proved an arduous, time consuming, and at times exhausting process, but all the hard work has reaped a bumper crop of fascinating looking marble that will provide all the material I will need in order to realize my vision for the upcoming collection. At the time of writing I have already completed three sculptures; ‘Mountains of Moab’, ‘The Cusp’, and, ‘Along the Way’. But while these three pieces proved challenging and interesting in their own right I sense the journey is very much in its infancy as I get to know the blocks gathered around the entrance to my workshop. Many of the pieces were split specifically to accommodate the ‘Ribbons (or “Rivers” – I haven’t decided which as yet) of Light’ that I envisage as the signature sculptures of the collection.

Mountains of Moab (detail)

'On The Cusp'

Along the Way, Hand Carved Colorado Yule Marble Bowl, Birdhaven Studio Workshop, Woody Creek CO

‘Ribbons’, or ‘Rivers’, of Light I am excited at the prospect of carving a series of sculptures that will stand several feet tall and posses the same curvilinear characteristics as my marble bowls. The 1314 Winter Collection has been a long time coming – over a year has passed since I completed ‘The Maiden Collection’, and I have had plenty of time to consider my options, to the point whereby I am simply thrilled (ecstatic) to at last find myself on the cusp of realizing my next major body of work.

Martin Cooney, author, Aspen Mountain Road Trip and Hike

I hope you will check in from time to time to see how things are shaping up. I’ll be posting more information on the 1314 Winter Collection, along with Home Pages for the first three sculptures, in the coming days.

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