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Finger Bowl / 1314 Winter Collection / Colorado Yule Marble

16 x 9 x 29” / 40.2 lbs / SN140201 / $4,200

This Carving is Available For Purchase at   link

Free Shipping Available to Most Cities within the Continental USA

The day was as bitterly cold as any early January day I can recall during my fifteen years in Woody Creek, as I worked to dislodge the iron-hard frozen block of Colorado Yule Marble that was to become Finger Bowl, from the death grip of months-long frozen ground.

However long I stared at it, and whichever way I looked at it, this old long abandoned quoin posed a challenge.  Meanwhile, the snow continued to fall.   Much energy had been spent prying this L-shaped piece from the concrete hard ground, and there was still much to do, to get this reluctant material off the ground and into my studio workshop.  But, the show must go on, Rocky Mountain Winter blizzard or no Rocky Mountain blizzard.

During the carving process I became aware of a developing seascape within the bowl’s markings, and for a while I thought of Finger Bowl by the working title of ‘Sea Mist’, due to the bowl’s markings provoking images of a lonely ship’s lookout view as his vessel glides across a fog-banked sea. This effect intensifies with the degree and angle of light, giving life to the cloud effect, and a hazy mistiness to the sky.    Finger Bowl weighs in at 40.2 lbs, approximately one tenth of the block I wrenched from the frozen ground with crowbars.  I knew when I was carving Finger Bowl that an identical piece lay outside under the snow awaiting its own transformation, therefore by the time I completed this piece I would know exactly what to expect from the other side of the L-shaped quoin that I had split in such a way as to provide to roughly equal and contrasting halves, which comes to explain just how Birth of a Guin came into being.

Finger Bowl with Birth of a Guin

As with Birth of a Guin, Finger Bowl’s geological twin, Finger Bowl is light, portable, and carved for full immersion in the real world.  And so, moving him from one place to another,  as with all my Hand Carved Marble Bowls,   is simply a combination of advanced planning, concentration, and confidence.   Put it this way – if you have ever carried a large toddler, you can handle Finger Bowl.


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Finger Bowl / 1314 Winter Collection / Colorado Yule Marble


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