32D’Arts! Previewing The Classic White Mug

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls

It gives me very great pleasure to announce

t h e  i m m i n e n t  a r r i v a l  of


Your One Stop Shop for Over the Top

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Lion of Massa, The Curious One, Mug, Right, Zazzle

~ ~ ~

Those Long Winter Nights

As I see it the frozen months provide the perfect platform for a period of introspection, maybe even a bout or two of prolonged reflection. The sort of winters we see here at 7,300 feet make for many a long evening here in Woody Creek spent cozy-n-warm, tucked inside a snow cocooned cabin… all that fends us from the wild antics of a Colorado Rocky Mountain Winter.

These long winter months however lend plenty of time for one to take stock; review the situation, as it were. Combine these amazing new-found revelations with the fact that nature just happens to be exploding everywhere you look, and its the “Springtime” that always strikes me as the natural ‘New Year’: a time of new beginnings, new hope, new ideas, new shoots, revived energy and bold new horizons!

And so with all this floating around the back of my mind during the course of these past few chilly months I have taken the opportunity offered by our annual hiatus to sort through the substantial media library created and assembled by two years worth of martincooney.com.

 ~ ~ ~

Lion of Massa, The Bold One, Classic Mug, Left, Zazzle

 ~ ~ ~

It actually came as quite a shock to realize that over the course of its two year existence martincooney.com has amassed a total of 6,228 photographs. In recent weeks however I have found myself returning to certain of these images time and again.

Then, one day, I was struck by a moment of inspiration. “Of Course!” Fond of these images as I have become: “How nice “, I thought aloud, “if only I were able to transfer my favorite images onto  everyday household items; casual wear; lifestyle accessories and the like“.

 ~ ~ ~

Lion of Massa, The Tortured One, Classic Mug, Right, Zazzle

 ~ ~ ~

Well…(to cut a long dull story short), soon, very shortly in fact, you, your friends, family, co-workers and random acquaintances will be able to “Jazz Up Your World” anytime at 32DARTS.COM.

~ ~ ~

Lion of Massa, The Aloof One, Classic Mug, Left, Zazzle

~ ~ ~


As some of you may recall, although this may not be obvious to the uninitiated, I am in fact a sculptor, a stone sculptor at that, and while I find 2-dimensional art intriguing, I am never-the-less quite preoccupied with art of the 3D kind… namely sculpture. And as we all know that no man may serve two masters I have therefore, in collaboration with Kris, created 32D’Arts!.. a brand new vibrant internet store.

 ~ ~ ~

 ~ ~ ~

Thirty-Two Darts?

In overlaying everyday 3D items with 2D art the name serves to capture the vivid energy, enthusiasm and curiosity that have come to define martincooney.com.


~ ~ ~

Piombino Castle Prison Yard Crusher, Men, Ultra Cotton Sleeveless T-Shirt, Front, Black

~ ~ ~

I hope you will find these new object D’Arts interesting… amusing at the very least… but hopefully you’ll discover for yourself the power of positive inking and begin your own personal collection of snappy casual wear, household and personal accessories, sprinkling as you do so a little Jazziness into your own unique corner of the world.

 ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

And so to begin: here are a few of my favorite Mug designs.

Hopefully they should give you a notion of what awaits when  32DARTS.COM springs into life.

~ ~ ~

Classic White Mug



~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

and now

the slideshow

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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~ ~ ~

Thank you for visiting martincooney.com

~ ~ ~

Wishing you a SPRING in your step and a SMILE upon your face.

Until next time why not take a cue from this chap


Leaning Tower of Pisa Poser Poster, No. 2, 18 x 14

You know you want to.

Bye for now.

Μ α Γ τ ¡ ∏

~ ~ ~

  ~ ~ ~

~ !  ~

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