30 Million Years Of Age, And Counting: Stone Sculpture Forever

Stone Sculpture is a medium that, to my mind, requires very
little in the way of explanation; I carve it, and therefore it is.
And while I realize this may sound quite glib I can assure you
I have indeed put a very great deal of thought into the matter.

But whatever fanciful notions I may bequeath them, once released into the world, my grand pronouncements will promptly be supplanted by whatever impression they make upon the observer.  For no matter what I think of my sculpture, or say about it,  pontificate this or that; ultimately it is for those who actually see it for themselves to form conclusions of their own.  And given marble’s formidably ancient past, it’s proven strength and endurance, ‘catastrophic events’ aside,  two, three, or more thousand years from now, people will perhaps be making their own broad pontifications in regards to its “meaning”, origin, and possible purpose.  And just how many people will engage with my sculpture, over the course of time,  and just what sort of world these sculptures will adorn,  quite beggars the mind.

Quite how long my marble sculpture will endure is of course impossible to say, but one thing of which I am quite sure… many, if not all, will out live me.  (and you, too)   And so,  just what future generations will make of them will, I’m sure, hinge very little upon what I write here, there, or anywhere else for that matter.    But write I do, as I must, and as is expected.   I suppose it really would be quite odd for me to take such trouble to carve my sculpture, and then proffer no information, explanation, or rationalization regarding it.   But don’t put too much stock in it all.   What matters is what you, you yourself, think.   Does it relate?  Very simply, do you like it?   Would it brighten up your day, get you on your way?  For that is what my marble carvings are all about,  as far as I am concerned art should lift your heart… inspire, and remind us all as to  just what a really gorgeous and amazing world this is.

Geological Time

Consider for one moment the material into which I carve: before I ever lay a tool into it Colorado Yule Marble is already 30 million years of age.

Consider too the act of sculpting marble:  a threefold collaboration  between my artistic vision, my carving abilities,  and the geological reality awaiting me deep within the block.  Workshop, rough block, Sculpture Garden Swan Wave, The Maiden Collection, Colorado Yule Marble by Martin CooneyAs a Direct Method Reductionist sculptor it is these very traits and physiognomies (intrusions, fault lines, stress points, etc.) that I aim to exploit, and in fact serve to define every one of my 67 Collection Series sculptures to date. For what I discovered by working with the stone (as opposed to simply imposing my will upon it), is that the incredible formations locked deep within every rough block of marble are both extremely abundant, and wildly creative.     Light, portable, durable, and carved for full immersion in the real world, my signature Curvilinear Reductionist Sculpture represent an exciting departure from the traditional On the Cusp, Rough Block, Colorado Yule Marble Collection Series by Martin Cooneyheavyweight marble of the past, and towards a brand new light, bright, mobility that I think… is about to claim the spotlight.   That’s right, I do indeed harbor ambitious plans for my sculpture, and aim to create a Direct Method Curvilinear Marble Reductionist Sculpture movement founded upon the environmentally sound principles that see each and every piece of marble, no matter how unsound for slabbing purposes, finds its way to a Direct Method carver – who in turn will enter their own collaboration with the Spirit of the Stone

Curvilinear Marble Reductionist Sculpture

Curvilinear: adjective 1) consisting of or bounded by curved lines: a curvilinear figure

2) forming or moving in a curved line 3) formed or characterized by curved lines

Wimbledon, 1973, The Maiden Collection, Colorado Yule Marble Sculpture by Martin CooneyCurvilinear Marble Reductionist is a term I use to describe the Direct Method ‘Split and Carve’ approach to sculpting that I developed in order to present marble sculpture in a whole new 21st Century light.  I follow a precise method of carving based upon my experience as a trained, qualified and experienced stone carver (Banker Mason).  Light and airy, to the point of virtual transparency at times, this new found portability imbues flexible options  for what would otherwise be extremely heavy, solid stone.  Thus my sculpture may be moved with the minimum of effort, and placed with ease in any location you please. Wimbledon, 1973, The Maiden Collection, Colorado Yule Marble Sculpture by Martin CooneyTypically I tend to remove 80 to 90 percent of the bulk of the material from the original block, allowing for a marble sculpture that would otherwise weigh in at several hundred pounds, to weigh but 20 or 30 lbs or so,  while maintaining the outer dimensions of a much heavier carving. 'Birth of a Guin', 1314 Winter Collection, Colorado Yule Marble Sculpture by MARTIN COONEYIn fact, my Curvilinear Marble Reductionist Sculpture is very often carved so thinly that light permeates the walls,  thus illuminating the sculpture from within, allowing marble to be enjoyed as never before,  and in a manner radically new to the ancient art of marble sculpting.    Portability and stone sculpture may not have conspired previously to make the acquisition of unique marble artwork an option for art lovers everywhere, but thanks to my signature Marble Collection Series Sculpture,   after thousands of years burdened with layers of dead weight, marble sculpture is now lean and mean,  on the loose, and headed your way!   There may well be other sculptors carving stone in a similar fashion to my own style of Curvilinear Marble Reductionism,   but if there are I have yet to see, hear or read about their work. (10.26.16)  As mentioned above, it is my stated aim to develop a school of Curvilinear Principle, but in the meantime, the entire Curvilinear Marble Reductionist Movement consists (to my knowledge) of me, myself, and I.

Martin Cooney


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