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Hello and welcome to Today I am about to change your life for good.  No, I kid you not.  Never again will you see fruit the same dreary old way again.

Elevate Your Fruit Bowl into a Work of Art

 i n t r o d u c i n g

The Colorado Yule Marble Bowl

Combine bold, cutting edge contemporary marble sculpture with a healthy intake of beautiful ripe and delicious fresh fruits & veg !

I would think that by now we all must be well aware of the incredible health benefits associated with eating an abundance of lovely, nutritious, delicious and healthy fresh fruit. The problem is, who really (and honestly) eats enough fresh vegetables to reap the incredible health benefits complements of Mother Nature?

Even with the best will in the world, if your pricey fresh-from-the-store fruit is swiftly bundled off into the deepest recesses of the fridge, well that spells something of a disaster for the fruit itself. Fruit ripens uniformly and naturally whenever conditions allow; meaning plenty of light, comfortably warm temperatures, and healthy circulation of air.  In other words, the very attributes afforded by my signature unique hand carved marble bowls.

Now is the time to grab your new lease on life and join

The See Fruit Eat Fruit Plan


    The More Fruit You See The More Fruit You Eat !

Fruit tastes its best when ripe; the riper the better in fact. And so, ask yourself this, just what sort of ripening goes on in your fridge? Cold and dark, hidden away, out of sight, and out of mind.  Such perilously sterile conditions run quite the counter however to the ripening demands required by most of most domestic, and something of a major problem for some of our more exotic tropical, fruit !

Instead of gradually ripening, your pricey organic fruit will be held in a state of suspended animation until they expire into a blob of mold.  Truth is, while the fridge is an excellent choice for the storage of meat, eggs milk and dairy – it comes as  something of a terrible blow for all of your lovely fresh fruit just yearning to ripen to their peak.

And so, in stark contrast to the cold, harsh darkness of your fridge, my hand carved marble bowls provide an ideal environment for the fruit to ripen under optimum conditions.

Ample fresh air is supplied courtesy of the bowl’s gentle curves, and reassuring temperatures are maintained due to the incredible thermal properties of Colorado Yule Marble: currently considered by many within the industry to be ‘the most sought after and desired marble in the world’.

Eat fruit on a regular basis and out goes the bad stuff

The simple fact of the matter is that, by eating say 1 lb of lovely, delicious fresh fruit a day, all that guilty snacking, all those impromptu burgers, tacos and pizzafests, all of it will be but a distant memory.

Why?  Because you will be too full to even think of junk food !

Instead you’ll savor for yourself the ever changing platter of delicious, healthy, and empowering fresh, ripe fruit.  Think about it:  fruit is so perfectly wrapped to go, so easy to slip into a jacket pocket, purse, backpack or glove box, your will never be tempted through the drive-through again.  You really will be amazed at the difference this one decision will make in your life.

In fact, soon the mere whiff of fresh fruit ripening right before your eyes will have you eagerly anticipating each-and-every mouthwatering bite.  And of course it goes without saying that whatever you eat at mealtimes is up to you, but of course your ‘decisions’ will certainly be effected, in a good way, I assure you.  You’ll see !

The Bowl for All Reasons

It has been my experience that people fall into three distinct categories: those who cook through circumstance, mustering together whatever will prove convenient; those who never cook at all; and those of us for whom preparing food is both a passion and a joy.

As such my hand carved marble fruit bowls just happen to segue perfectly into the ideal epicurean’s prep bowl.  And for those with marble counter-tops I suppose I hardly need state my case.

In other words, for the home chef who has everything, I can assure you, they almost certainly will not have a hand carved marble prep bowl.  Not like my unique hand carved marble bowls they won’t.

Cooking from scratch draws upon both artistic and pragmatic energy, whereby devotees of the practice draw as much reward from the time honored ritual of assembly and preparation, as the resulting satisfaction gained by the consumption of their work.

As such the process begins not at the point of blending and heating the food together, but at the crucial moment of sourcing and selection each and every ingredient.

And so it may not surprise you to hear that the properties of marble that serves to ripen fruit just so transfer very well to the demands, and aesthetic appeal, of vegetable prepping.  But the list of applications doesn’t stop there.

Care to consume more tasty and nutritious nuts?  No problem. Got a thing for mangoes this week? You’re covered. And just how wonderful is that pineapple going to tastes once it fully ripens? (hint) You’ll know when the time is ready as a heady waft of pineapple will invade your senses each time you pass by. Oh, you’ll know alright.

Finally, I feel a need to address the juicing issue: to juice or not to juice.


In order to digest our food, look it up, we need to chew, munch and yes carefully masticate our food just as most other mammals, with our teeth.  This adds much needed saliva to the fruity pulp that ends up in our stomachs.  Saliva, full of our own enzymes, aids and assists in the immediate breakdown and digestion process, which is why you always feel fuller, more comfortable, experience less gas, and generally feel much, much more content than you do in the wake of slugging yet another smoothie, slushy, or any such invention.  You feel fuller because you are, your body is receiving nutrition instead of fighting an invading force of vegetable pulp.

And so in lieu of bolting your fruit may I suggest that you simply prepare it as you would your favorite fruity-slushy-shaky concoction, but instead enjoy it as a fruit salad.  Pretty soon this will simply become the norm, and oh boy are you in for a shock; for perfectly ripened, room temperature, fresh organic fruit is one of life’s truly great mysteries, and of it most sumptuous pleasures.  How can something that grows right out of the ground taste so amazingly delicious?  It just doesn’t seem right.  After all, chefs go to great lengths to prepare extraordinary delicious dessert concoctions – dishes that are met with rightful applause.  And yet, how amazing are those mangoes?  How incredibly succulent is that pineapple?

And when you find yourself heading out of the door, off and away on your busy day, how lovely it is to know that one, two, three or more of these perfectly ripened flavor bombs called apples, oranges, pears, plums, peaches and whatever is currently in season, are going to enliven and enlighten your day. Not to mention refresh and reinvigorate you every time you take your little fruit break.  Let them eat bagels,  you my friend are are bound for better things. Sure, indulge in a bagel once in a while, why not?

But, want to lose weight?  You’ll do it, for sure.  Want to feel lighter, healthier and all around more ‘nimble’, agile, and like your old self again?  Well, ask yourself, do you love eating your fill of delicious, sweet, juicy food?  Then here’s the answer you that weren’t even looking for. Here’s the life-affirming, life-altering, super new you plan that is so easy as to be right under your very nose.  If you want the best from life, if you wish a return to health and vitality, or are just starting out in life and want to live it out enjoying good health, good habits and a lifetime of fitness, or if you wish to regain, maintain, improve or simply enjoy your life more, then clearly the See Fruit Eat Fruit Plan is for you my friend, YOU.

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