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It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that I am now able to introduce my new commercial concept of “STONE FLIGHTS” – a seamless merge of dramatic floral displays along with the magical effect that a ribbon of light brings to evening occasions.

Each 8 inch bud vase fits so snugly in its hole that they are locked in and simply cannot tip

First let us take a typical bunch of flowers as you would pick up from your neighborhood supermarket on the way home from work.

What I am going to show you now is how an ordinary bunch of flowers is able to transform into a wall of color as my revolutionary light, portable and so very sturdy STONE FLIGHTS Splay the Display like you have never seen before.

Splay Your Display

It’s just so darn quick and easy

Imagine for a moment the fun you will have, not to mention the complements you will receive, once you unleash your creative potential with a set of these!

So Easy, Yet So Utterly Transforming

Since their recent dramatic arrival my new STONE FLIGHTS have served to transform the KMJ in recent weeks, for not have they quite captured my imagination, they have now developed into a series of three distinct styles.

The Classic

Clean looks and sharp edges are the order of the day with this distinctly Bauhaus influenced design.


Primitive in the extreme, this rugged Stone Age themed design provides a both a touch of nature and a hint of mystery to any occasion.

Semi Rustic

And for those who want the best of both worlds we have this rugged yet stylish design brought about by its rusticated sides topped with a classically smooth finish.

But The Best Is Yet To Come

In the coming weeks I will be revealing my latest STONE FLIGHT development as I bring on line a commercial brand of these nifty products whereby not only will each piece will be carved to the exact same dimensions – making them seamlessly interchangeable. Each piece will fit end-to-end to form a continuous line, or may be placed side-by-side to present a regimented block form.

So as you can see, changes are afoot at THE KMJ these days. Even the name has undertaken a swap, but I’ll save that rather surprising news until my next post.

Meanwhile I will leave you with a few photos that should reveal the reach and extent of those changes and hint at the path that Kris and I are taking with our business.

I’d love to show you around and explain my work to you some time, and so please drop by THE KMJ if ever and whenever you should find yourself in the Aspen region of the spectacular Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Light, Portable and Hand Carved For Full Immersion In The Real World; My Brand Of Finely Crafted Stonework Is Sculpted To Withstand The Test Of Time

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