Sold Collection Series Marble Sculpture To Date

Which of the 67 Collection Series Sculpture have been already Collected?

Selling a sculpture always comes with something of a sweet sorrow sort of feeling. Of course, I’m over the moon about making a sale, and now one has sold. “Great” wonderful, as I do carve them to sell.

But on the other hand, it’s a sad ‘goodbye and farewell’ sort of an occasion too. For owning a piece of sculpture – especially a piece of my Collection Series Marble Sculpture – is to bond with something tangible, something that becomes part and parcel of your life. And I have heard many times, from many people, that no way are they parting with it. Period. Which is a sentiment that I can well understand, for there is always a large hole that appears the moment a carving is gone that leaves a little sadness remaining for some considerable time; parting being such sweet sorrow and all.

However, I did not name my fine art marble The Collection Series by random chance. For, being “Light, Portable and Carved for Full Immersion in the Real World” (as my oft-rendered slogan boldly proclaims) I garnered the term Collection Series as I imagined the fun people would have possibly trading them, collecting them and passing them on as would any avid collector, trader and interested party. This way people could experience ownership of several pieces over their lifetime.

For once you know, understand and appreciate the quality and consistency of my work, you should have an excellent idea of just what any given photo is showing you about any particular piece, as you will know well the properties exhibited by the Yule and be quite able to ‘read’ the photo and comprehend just what those translucent streaks mean, and just what the ‘grey’ spots will look like, etcetera.

And so, if you are reading this and you actually own a piece of The Collection Series yourself, or even if you don’t but just want to know what it is all about, today’s post should put you in the picture regarding just where the series stands in terms of which of the 67 sculptures have sold.

In my last post I did the same thing with The Collection Series that will be displayed for sale at THE KMJ Stoneworks, 111 Aspen Airport Business Center, Suite D, this coming winter season. So put the two posts together and you should get some sort of idea just where we are with the collection as a whole.

I won’t repeat the same information regarding the Collection Series’ inception, whereby I split a giant slab of Colorado Yule marble into rough blocks that produced 41 individual sculptures, so we’ll just get straight at it and begin with the Hand Carved Marble Bowls that have sold to date. Friday, October 29, 2021.

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But before we get underway,

as always, please click on any photo to ENLARGE and name the piece.

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The Bowls

Magellan – Birdseye – The Maiden Bowl

Longboat – Vanilla Bean – Sailboat Tempest – Jonah – Kenai Skiff

Beached Boat – Pearl – Adam – Eve

Constellation – Work in Progress – Chicane – Curvilinear Campfire

As you can see, my signature Hand Carved Marble Bowls come in all shapes and sizes. And although there are still some lovely bowls remaining for sale, these particular bowls are now in private hands and so obvious will not be showing at THE KMJ this coming winter season.

So, why don’t we now take a look at some more of The Collections Series Marble Sculpture that won’t be on view at THE KMJ this winter.

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The Sculpture

Mystique Masque – Venus de Mermaid – Dreadnought – Nessie – Slipper Shot

The Demure One – Right There! – Guin and Son – May Pole