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Top O’ Th’ World / The Maiden Collection / Colorado Yule Marble

19 x 16 x 10″ / SN120802 / 140 lbs  /  Sold


Generally speaking I  am easily able to pick up and carry the vast majority of my marble sculpture, as are those who purchase my work.  Ease of portability is after all this curvilinear reductionist sculptor’s rallying cry.  Well not this time around.  Definitely NOT.    Top O’ Th’ World (pronounced: top-oth-world, which is broad Lancashire for Top of the World) was conceived and carved with one task in mind:  to replicate the astonishing grandeur, scale and beauty of Colorado Rocky Mountains.   But my intention went further and more specific than that,  for I wanted to re-create my own little corner of the Elk Mountain Range,  as already explored with sculptures such as Mabel, Elk Mountain Bowl, Dreadnought and others.   This time around I wanted the mountain ‘theme’ to be exactly that – a mountain –  and along with the ski runs, closer inspection soon reveal long abandoned mine workings,  snowshoe tracks in the snow,  and precipitous, nay deadly,  snow ledges – an all too familiar peril, and one costing the life of all too many an intrepid climber.   As with its full-sized Elk Range counterparts, Top O’ Th’ World oozes many of the very same minerals that drove men half crazy during the various 19th Century rushes.


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Top O’ Th’ World / The Maiden Collection / Colorado Yule Marble


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