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 Nessie / Autumn of 14 Collection / Colorado Yule Marble

39 x 4 x 7″ / 19 lbs / SN140801 / Sold

Nessie / Autumn of 14 Collection / Colorado Yule Marble / Sculpture 2

For this, the second carving of my ‘Autumn of 14′ Collection of Colorado Yule Marble Sculpture I changed tack from my usual technique, and one that I had utilized with my previous carving, Ice Boat. This time around, by the time I began the carving process, I had actually been staring at this little devil for quite some considerable time.  I am not really sure just why I had cut those notches, or even why this strange remnant had been hanging around my stone yard, for so long!  But the more I gazed at her, the clearer her final design became until I had the whole thing figured out, before I ever donned the dust mask.  The result may be highly symbolic, but the essence of my mandate here was to carve a creature well able to slide, slither, and swim her way practically anywhere;  including your terrace, patio, living room, kitchen, and even the wilder corners of your very own back garden.

I can’t count the number of times I would walk past this  mangled piece of marble and catch a flash of her staring defiantly back.    And best of all, there really wasn’t much in the way of roughing out this time around, just straight in to the good stuff: fleshing out the form.

Nessie takes her place among a growing family of reptilian-like creatures that include: Terrible Lizard,  Troy,  Guin and Son,  and  Birth of a Guin.


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Nessie / Autumn of 14 Collection / Colorado Yule Marble


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