KMJ STONE FLIGHTS: Ready for Departure

Guess what? Yep, after weeks of anticipation, it gives me great pleasure to announce that….

Not Only Are My New STONE FLIGHTS Taking Shape:

They Are About to FLY OUT OF THE DOOR

Well, that’s the plan at least.

Of course, as with everything, we will have to wait and see just what the public make of them, but hopefully the pictures that you are about to see will go some way to convincing you that these convenient, sleek, portable and innovative little ‘Display Vessels’ have got as exciting a future as Kris and I have begun to imagine for them.

I mean, they are just so easy to live with. And when you feel like storing them for a while they simply slide into their protective box and take up minimal space on your shelf.

For instance, in order to ‘Splay’ a bouquet of flowers simply place an 8 inch bud vase into each hole, add water, then work your way through the bunch placing each glorious bloom precisely where you wish.

You can go for a clustered look, whereby blooms are arranged by type or color. Or you can do what Kris likes to do and arrange a sort of ‘English Country Garden Hedgerow’ effect so that everyone gets to see everything, and in very close proximity.

You can Splay your Display with either a single KMJ STONE FLIGHT or a set of them. And instead of forming the usual regal crown of blooms, such as you see with just about every bunch of flowers, your blossoms are instead ‘Splayed Out’ down and along a 4-inch wide ribbon of stone, giving you a dazzling show of color, texture and vitality! For never do the flowers look more lively and dramatic than when viewed in one lone row, but you see them in all their glory, as if they were magically transported from garden to table… to be seen as nature intended – tall and proud.

In this instance we will utilize a set of three Flights, and one gorgeous bunch of store bought flowers, as seen above. And so, to demonstrate this most pleasant task Kris will now join us to show just how it’s done.

Kris Cooney attends to her showroom gallery.

When it comes to the skill of maintaining fresh flowers Kris is a master at the art and can keep a healthy bunch of supermarket flowers looking lively for way longer one might imagine.

Kris Cooney attends to a set of STONE FLIGHTS in the window of her showroom gallery.

Snipping off the bottom inch or so of each stalk as they are being picked out of the bunch and displayed in their chosen glass vase is key to prolonging the life and vitality of the blooms according to Kris, as is changing the water every-so-often. She has in fact many similar tricks when it comes to all aspects of flower arranging, but I’ll leave that for you to discus with her when you meet her here at The Stoneworks in-person, or on-line via our new “Virtual Gallery Tour’. But more of that in my next few posts.

Voila! That’s One More Bouquet Splayed The KMJ STONE FLIGHT WAY

In my next post I will begin to explain all of the various options these new KMJ STONE FLIGHTS offer, including no less than three finishes, two styles and four colors – the holes that is – they come in different tones but the Flights themselves are carved from solid limestone, of course.

And now that these babies are starting to roll off the carving line I can honestly say that I personally have never seen such practical, stylish and sleek display vessels. For in creating our new line of KMJ STONE FLIGHTS we were able to draw upon the inspiration and ideas that we amassed, via our involvement with the stone industry, these past twenty years.

Here’s where we see just how easily transformed our new STONE FLIGHTS really are as Kris swiftly replaces the floral bounty of the day, and prepares the scene for the onset of evening with the soft and easy glow of candles – lots of them.

And so, as you can see, transforming your KMJ STONE FLIGHTS is as simple as could be: one moment you have yourself a flaming blaze of colors, and the next a romantic string of lights. Which means that when daytime turns to night your nifty little display vessels, whether you have one, two, three or more of them in one long line, will transform in minutes and with a minimum of fuss into a rather sensational – dare I say Stunning? – candelabra.

And don’t forget, you can use any sort of candle you wish, whatever the color, girth and height, so long as it fits inside the two-inch hole and accompanying glass votive. Anything from tiny tea lights to long, tall tapers will look swelegant indeed.

Alone, or in sets of two, three, four or more: THE KMJ STONE FLIGHTS illuminate any post-sunset occasion.
Dramatic reflections just love our new Stone Flights.

A set of KMJ STONE FLIGHTS may utilize a Rectangular Bow (top picture) or a perhaps more stylish Maritime Bow (as seen above). Either way they will serve the same purpose in doggedly protecting the display vessel’s extremities with a mighty solid buffer. For that point may look somewhat vulnerable at first glance, but look again at how thick it actually is: a full 65 degrees of solid limestone makes up that angle, despite the fact that it looks much slimmer from just about every angle.

Well, that’s about it for this post. I’ll be back soon with much more information on the development of our nifty new KMJ STONE FLIGHTS as I feel that these extremely useful, stylish and highly portable hand carved stone display vessels have only just begun their journey onto the tabletops, counters, windowsills, bathrooms and patios across America, or even (dare I say it?) the rest of the world.

We’ll see how it goes and I’ll keep you informed right here at

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Kris Cooney Splays a Display in THE KMJ STONEWORKS Showroom Gallery Window.

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KMJ STONE FLIGHTS: Ready for Take Off

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