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Son of a Guin / The Maiden Collection / Colorado Yule Marble

7 x 7 x 13.75″ / SN120702 / 8 lbs / Son of a Guin, Guin, $1,500 for the pair

These Carvings are Available For Purchase at   link

Free Shipping Available to Most Cities Within the Continental USA 

Little did I know as I was sculpting Son of a Guin that I was actually in the process of carving a welcome offspring for Guin.   It was only once I’d completely finished, and was photographing them for posterity,  that the pair took to one another… and the irrevocable bond was almost instantly made.   Up until that moment I was primarily occupied in exploring and developing the extraordinary properties inherent within this lovely piece of Colorado Yule Marble,  with its wonderfully translucent nature, and mysterious striped markings. And the reason for this instant bond?  It could have something to do with the 30 million years they remained side-by-side within the Maiden slab. Until that is, the moment I took my pitching tool and split poor Son of a Guin from his adoring mother, Guin, and with a single blow of my mallet it must be said.  And so, now that the separation has been put right,  and the reunion complete, it is certainly not my intention to make the same mistake again.  Consequently this little fellow, now officially recognized as literally a chip off Guin’s block, will never again have to wander around aimlessly looking for his mom.  Therefore these two individual, and individually carved,  sculptures simply demand to be sold as a pair.  An inseparable pair.  Two for One, as it were.


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Son of a Guin / The Maiden Collection / Colorado Yule Marble


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